Black Hole produces neutrino, discoveres NASA satellite

For measuring the mass, study authors basically examined radio-wave emissions from carbon monoxide (CO) molecules, since the CO signal is bright and readily detected with ALMA. “This observation demonstrates a technique that can be applied to many other galaxies to measure the masses of supermassive black holes to remarkable precision,” said Benjamin Boizelle from UCI.

NASA astronomers solved the mystery of existence of neutrinos in space. According to an astronomer, after a deep research the NASA team is able to detect a giant black hole at the heart or precisely the center of Milky Way that may have the capability of producing neutrinos.

Co-author Yang Bai said in a article “We now have the first evidence that an astronomical source – the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole – may be producing these very energetic neutrinos Figuring out where high-energy neutrinos come from is one of the biggest problems in astrophysics today,” Co-author Yang Bai stated in a report.

Neutrinos are fundamental particles that play an important role to make up the universe, but, unfortunately, scientists are still not able to find out the mystery behind it. However, this invention may be a knock at the door of the mystery of neutrinos. As per studies, they are more like electron but the only difference neutrinos have; they do not carry electric charge hence are electrically neutral. Effect of electromagnetic force on neutrinos is nil therefore they have the ability to travel greater distances through matter without having any affect on them.

According to a journalist, NASA satellites which have the feature of observing in X-ray light like Chandra X-ray Observatory, Swift gamma-ray burst mission and at last but not the least The Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) helped the NASA’ian brains for solving the mystery.

A source unleashed that the production of neutrino started after some twenty-four intervals of intense flares.  “Thus, the determination that some events occur at similar times as X-ray flares and others occur in a burst could be the smoking gun that Sagittarius A* is a point source of very high energy neutrinos”, as stated by the source.

Neutrinos are high energetic particles coming from Sun which are continuously bombarding Earth It is almost next to impossible for the detection of neutrinos but an observatory in South Pole named NASA’s IceCube observatory were able to detect 36 high-energy neutrino’s since 2010.

The research team co-author Andrea Peterson said in one of his statements that they already checked the outburst held in Sagittarius A*. After that Amy Barger further remarked the detection of neutrinos at IceCube.

“We checked to see what happened after Chandra witnessed the biggest outburst ever detected from Sagittarius A*, the Milky Way’s supermassive black hole”, stated Andrea Peterson, an employee of the University of Wisconsin. “And less than three hours later, there was a neutrino detection at IceCube,” said Amy Barger to a journalist.

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