Best ways to keep your feet looking pretty this summer

Your feet get the most attention during summers but it is hard to keep them looking their best when the weather is warm. Exposure to the sun and hot surfaces like sand and concrete can leave your poor dogs dry and rough. Here are some ways to protect them from the elements so they stay picture-perfect for the entire season.

Exfoliating your feet once a week: Kristen Murphy, Spa Manager at the Woodmark Hotel’s still spa was reported saying that this will keep you get rid of surface dry skin cells, making them look and feel smoother. Your moisturizer also becomes more effective when you slough off the flaky dead skin cells first. If you have dry skin you can opt for sugar scrubs and if you have an oily skin, you can opt for the peppermint and oil scrubs.

Avoid soaking your feet: Contrary to what you might think, soaking dehydrates your already dried out skin, says Murphy. So instead of soaking your tootsies, apply a sugar scrub directly only dry skin, and wipe it off with a moistened towel. Make sure to scrub gently and not apply much pressure while scrubbing your feet because it can make your skin drier and worn out.

Keep pumice in your shower: Rubbing your feet edges with structured stones such as pumice will not only help you get rid of the unwanted dead and flaky skin but also get back your rejuvenated skin with only one use. You do not have to search for your own stone, just buy any commercially available stone and use them while taking bath.

Heavy-duty moisturizing is a must: Your heels are prone to over-use and that result in drying out more easily than the rest of your foot, as stated by Choi. The heel is also protected by thicker skin, which means that it is less penetrable and takes a little more effort to lock the moisture in. Apply lotion or oil immediately after you shower in order to retain the moisture that your feet already had soaked up. There are different types of moisturizers available in the market out of which you can choose the ideal one that will help moisturize your skin this summer and keep them hydrated and healthy.

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