Barak Obama stands by his support for environmental protection

Barak Obama stands by his support for environmental protection

Confronting the rising global warming and environmental pollution is the key concern for all most every nation nowadays. But finding this matter more solemn, The President of America, Barak Obama handed the ratification documents to UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon juts a day before the G-20 Summit in Hangzhou, Chin. President Obama in this submitted report described their action as the “moment we finally decided to save our planet.”

During the meeting of him and Xi Jinping, the president of China on 3rd September, Obama said that “HISTORY will judge today’s effort as pivotal.” In this meeting, both leaders of China and America are formally dedicated to their countries to last year’s Paris climate agreement in the southeastern city of Hangzhou.

This ground-breaking deal was arranged by 187 nations and is expects to constrain a mounting rise of global warming to under 2°C above pre-industrial temperatures. This deal is a mutual endorsement by America and China. No need to say, both America and China are world’s greatest polluters, and with this innovative deal, both nations announced to start a new era of worldwide participation on endeavors to crop the sources of global warming and pollution. It also gives a noteworthy push towards bringing the settlement into power by the end of the year, when Mr. Obama will even now be president.

To this deal, Mr. Obama said that this deal is not an agreement but is a noble attempt to make something new and ground-breaking for the world and so does not need any authorization or approval. Total 55 countries are representing 55% of global warming and pollution, and so they must approve the agreement for driving it into effect. With Mr. Obama, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that they are hopeful about other countries to join their righteous and would “encourage other countries to take similar efforts” for creating a pollution and warming free globe.

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