Prof writes paper by iOS auto-complete; Gets selected for International Science Conference

Baloney or Brilliance: Nuclear Physics paper written by iOS auto-completed endorsed for international conference

The autocomplete feature of iOS and Android has always been an incredible source of unbelievable use and aggravation for users. Designed to assist writers and auto-completing contents, Autocomplete app for both iOS and Android has gained a prominent position in the smartphone market. But isn’t really strange that a scholarly paper on the highly treasured field of Nuclear Physics written by Autocomplete app, and was also selected for an international science conference? Well, this is genuine and surprising too!

An associated professor at the University Of Canterbury, New Zealand is reported to complete an academic journal on Nuclear Physics through Apple’s iOS Autocomplete, and surprisingly it gets sanctioned for International Science Conference. The professor belongs to a Human Interface Technology, and took assistance from autocomplete in composing a paper on “Nuclear Physics,” a field in which he is completely unaware of and represented it for the international conference.

The professor named as Christoph Bartneck from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand got an official request to speak at the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics which is going to conduct at Atlanta, just because of its fake and bogus journal on Nuclear Physics. As per the reports, the professor began writing his paper by the composition of words and completed it through the recommendation of iOS Autocomplete. For example, he wrote “Nuclear” or “Atomic” and asked iOS autocomplete to finish the sentence. As per the reports of Firstpost, the paper had hogwash sentences and a complete mirror of nonsense.

Christoph Bartneck is a professor of Human Interface Technology and he has no idea on Atomic Physics, Nuclear energy, fission, fusion or Radioactivity. However, after getting the invitation from an international Science conference to speak, he started writing an academic journal only with two words- Atomic and Nuclear and took the help of iOS Autocomplete to complete the sentence.

According to the confirmed reports, Professor Christoph Bartneck found an invitation to speak at an international conference and was invited via an email message for submitting a paper for the conference. On this matter, the associate professor of human interface technology also posted a blog in which he clearly mentioned that “As I am completely unaware of the topics of Nuclear Physics, I took the help of iOS Autocomplete app to write the paper and it helped me to write the complete article. However, when I started writing words like “Atomic” or “Nuclear” and randomly hit the auto-complete suggestions, the suggested sentences were found to be completely bogus, and most of them made no sense.

He also mentioned in his blog post that the words and sentences used in the paper are churned out by the iOS app, yet it surprisingly got sanctioned for the International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

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