Ayushman Bharat to open new avenues for generic drug makers

The president of Mylan, Rajiv Malik has commended the effectiveness and design of Ayushman Bharat plan looking forward to assisting the Indian government in expansion of affordable healthcare for infectious diseases including tuberculosis and HIV. Mylan is a US based company listed on NASDAQ which is accounted as one of the top generic drug manufacturers in terms of sales. Mylan intends to make a prominent stride in penetration of the Indian market which would be supported by the diverse acquisitions made in the country over the course of last decade.

Responding to the question of India’s fit in Mylan’s strategic approach Rajiv Malik stated the significance of India as a key market since majority of operations of the company are vested in India which is a manufacturing hub for the company. This caters the company’s need for targeting global markets including US, Australia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the emerging Asian markets. He further stated that Mylan has invested more than $5 billion in the Indian market in the course of the last decade which have been primarily directed towards acquisitions as well as organic expansion of the company’s R&D centres and manufacturing sites.

The president of Mylan emphasized on the success of the anti-retroviral drugs programme of the company in India for the last decade. The company has been successful in development of a portfolio for hepatitis drugs alongside implying a 35% market share for the company. He also informed regarding the potential developments expected from the company in terms of dermatology, cancer care, women’s healthcare, infectious diseases and immunology. Despite the limitations observed in the existing market share of the company, the president expressed belief in the Ayushman Bharat scheme which is supposedly intended to provide access to 50 crore people. He said that this would facilitate opportunities for market expansion in India alongside focusing on the requirement of transparency, clarity and certainty from the government in various pharmaceuticals policy.

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