Asus rolls out diagnostic tool & software update to eliminate ShadowHammer


You might have heard about the ShadowHammer malware attack on Asus devices. In case if you are an Asus laptop or desktop user, take a breath of relief as the multi-billion dollar company Taiwan-based Asus just started rolling out updates that must patch the system is affected by such malware.

Just yesterday, Russian cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab published a report stating how ShadowHammer malware attacked systems by masquerading as a legit software update that the user would actually install thinking about updating their systems. Since the hackers behind such a malware tricked Asus into gaining authoritative digital signatures required to distribute the malware disguised as a software update under the nose, the malware was distributed to more than one million Asus users worldwide.

Coming back to the press release published by Asus, the company hasn’t publicly apologized about the malware attack and states that only a small number of systems were compromised due to this malware. However, according to Kaspersky Lab, more than one million computers got the update of which, thousands might have upgraded compromising these units as a whole. Later, another cybersecurity firm Symantec confirmed the same.

Anyhow, Asus hasn’t apologized for the situation which has been around from at least January this year when Kaspersky Lab got the intel about the malware dubbed as ShadowHammer. Anyhow, Asus says that henceforth, the company has initiated multiple security verification mechanisms that would enable it to verify the authenticity of software updates to prevent any malicious activity to manipulate and compromise the security and privacy of computers around the globe.

Asus has also strengthened the wall between server-to-end-use software architecture that must add another security layer to prevent such a catastrophe from happening again. For those who aren’t sure if they were affected with the malware or not, they can check out security diagnostic tool available and take appropriate actions if needed.

How to check whether your system is infected or not?

There are a number of ways how you can actually find out if your system is compromised after a software update that went live recently.

Method 01: Via Kaspersky

  • Firstly, go to Kaspersky’s website and select ‘SecureList’.
  • Search for “” and download it.
  • Next, unzip the file using any extracting tool such as 7Zip.
  • After extraction, run “shadowhammer.exe”.
  • The program will run to test the PC is infected with the malware or not.

Method 02: Via Asus diagnostic tool

  • Go to Asus’ website and download “”.
  • Next, unzip the file using an extraction tool and run “ASDT.exe”.
  • The program will run and display the diagnosis on the screen.

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