Astrologers found 11,000 years old remains in North America

Astrologers found 11,000 years old remains in North America

According to a report, astrologers have startled by discovering the remains of two Ice Age infants in Alaska. The team stated that they were the youngest human remains ever found and were buried 11,000 years ago. Along with the remains they too discovered some unprecedented grave offerings which provide genuine information about funeral practices of that time.

After the brains of the University of Alaska Fairbanks researched on the dental and skeletal remains they unleashed that the remains were of two babies where one of the kid was few weeks old and the other one was in utero. Ben Potter, a researcher in the University of Alaska, Fairbanks in the US stated, “taken collectively, these burials and cremations reflect complex behavior related to death among the early inhabitants of North America.” The researchers also discovered how the societies of the inhabitants were structured and the stresses they gone through for their survival. The treatment of the kids their funerals and importance of rituals were also unleashed by the great brains of the University.

As per the facts, the burials found were almost same as that of those found earlier. This clearly helped them to assume that there was merely a short time period between their burials and cremations, almost a season. Along with the remains many unprecedented grave offerings were there like shaped stone points and foreshafts adorned with abstract incised lines which represented some of the ancient examples of hafted compound weapon in North America.

“The presence of hafted points may reflect the importance of hunting implements in the burial ceremony and with the population as whole,” stated an astrologist to a TeCake journalist.

At last the team concluded in a journal that the deaths may be due to stress for resources such as shortage of food, weather conditions.

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