Artificial Intelligence converting fiction into reality and overtaking Human Intelligence in 2017


Artificial intelligence is the intelligence presented by the machines, in contradiction with the natural intelligence displayed by humans and other animals. In computer science, the study is explained as the study of intelligent agents. Any devices that sense its environment and uses actions that maximize its possibility of achieving some purpose. AI can make your arguments productive and meaningful to reach an agreement.

Artificial Intelligence this year making the fictional things into reality. You can see how the marks of AI in every field whether it is composing music to writing novels or helping doctors in legal cases AI is making its presence throughout. Overall this year many cases were cam up of AI but Sophia, a human-robot created by a firm of Hong Kong and this AI robot gain the citizenship in Saudi Arabia where women were not allowed to drive.

AI machines to beat humans in the problematic games was a part of developing systems that can help in medical applications and also in industrial purposes which require examining a significant amount of the information to make the correct and precise decisions. Now AI systems are assisting doctors in diagnosing diseases and to foretell the lifespan of a person. Recent the scientists at Stanford University produced an AI device that can identify life-endangering abnormal heartbeats by examining the heart rhythm. This algorithm is proved itself better than the experienced cardiologists.

In the State University of Florida, a team of scientists created an AI tool that can predict with 80 percent accuracy that if someone will try to attempt suicide as far off as two years in the future. The accomplishments of the Artificial Intelligence is not only limited to the field of medicine. The AI human-robot Sophia gained criticism from women widespread because this machine granted more rights than the women’s. While on the other side Google’s AI device DeepMind AlphaGo won in the Chinese board game against the world’s top player who is considered to be more challenging for computers than chess.

If we see the increasing use of AI in today’s era, an Indian start-up created a Web page named LegitQuest which is a search tool that enables users to survey millions of legal cases or records and to identify the most appropriate results in just a few seconds. This webtool helps lawyers which reduce the time they take to study the case before appearing in court for a case. There are many tools and devices which used AI nowadays. A machine learning device named Libratus which beats four human players in Texas Poker marathon match lasting 20 days, winning more than 1.5 USD million value of chips.

Scientists at Stanford University have produced a device that can judge better than any legal scholars, even with minimal information. VALCRI another AI system developed by scientists of London can help resolve the crimes by ending the task of examining clues and finding links that might get missed by human investigators.

The increasing capabilities of AI also raised the fear of replacing human work by the machine work which will lead to losing jobs; many experts pointed this as potential endanger of creating machines that can think like humans. But for now, there is little need to get panicked. Despite many achievements, AI is still very far to dominate the world. Recently AI robot gave a college entrance exam and barely got the passing grade. One more AI system from the US is trained to write the famous upcoming Game of Thrones novel which turned out a big fail.

This shows that still, AI has to set its pros and cons. But the applications and advantages are tremendous, and the technology could undoubtedly become terrible consequence for human if misused. The director of MIT’s Initiative and the author of The Second Machine Age, Erik Brynjolfsson stated that the more they think about the different ways of structuring the work, we are racing with the machines utilising the machines, the better it is going to be for human labour and total value creation. He continued that instead of just humans or just machines it is going to be better if it is a combination of both.

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