Arrow peirces teen’s head while playing cricket

A 15-year-old boy, who was playing cricket, went to collect his cricket ball and got severely injured by an arrow as he became the victim of an archery practice session taking place nearby. The victim was taken to the nearby hospital, and the MHB Colony police station arrested the supervisor of a Dahisar-based sports club a day after the incident. At the hospital, the arrow was finally removed from the brain of the kid and the kid is safe now.

According to police officials, the arrested is identified as Bipin Bihari,  the supervisor of Vishwapragatin Sports Club. The badly hurt boy, Brijesh Sahani was playing cricket on the right side of the archery practice area when the incident took place.

An official from MHB Colony police station said “A 17-year-old state level archer, who was due to participate in an event, had shot an arrow from a distance of 70 meters. Before the arrow could hit the target, Sahani suddenly appeared between the target and the arrow.”

The arrow pierced through Sahani’s brain but was finally removed in a life-saving surgery at Karuna Hospital in Borivali on Friday. The teen is now out of danger.

Sahani was involved only in a cricket practice and only peered in the archery ground to take the ball. Sahani’s father is an auto rickshaw driver, and their family lives at Ganpat Patil Nagar in Borivli.

An arrest warrant is declared against both Bihari and the child who shot the arrow in a case of negligence and causing grievous hurt. The police is still in search of the 17-year-old who shot the arrow.

Parasnath, who is the father of Brijesh, is also a great fan of Sachin Tendulkar said that no one can be blamed for the incident. The archer’s family is ready to pay for the medical expenses.

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