Army accepts its mistake of killing two commoners

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After killing two Kashmiri commoners, Indian Army accepted their ‘mistake’ of killing of the civilians, later on Friday.

The 53 Rashtriya Rifles opened fire upon a vehicle in Chattergam, in which two commoners were killed, and 2 got seriously injured. However, accepting mistake of the army, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Northern Command, Lt. General D.S. Hood said I admit that a mistake has happened; otherwise, why would two civilian boys be killed like this. We sincerely wish the killing of civilians had not happened. We share the sorrow of the families.” Hood further added, “There was some information about a white car with terrorists. Obviously, the identity was mistaken in this case. We take responsibility for the death.” 

He said that the army takes full responsibility of the killings and regret for their mistake. After apology from the Army, the defence ministry has provided Rs. 10 lakh for the family of dead and Rs. 5 lakh for those who are injured, as a condolence.

However one of the family who lost their son denied to take the compensation that government has provided saying that their son is not for sale and the government can’t kill their child and later on say that it was by mistake The blood of my 14-year-old son is not so cheap.” Mohammad Yousuf Bhat, father of one of the dead, told TeCake.

Arshid Ahmed, SHO of Chadoora police station overthrew the argument by the army on the information about the terrorists and said “I don’t know from where the Army got the inputs about militants…my police station and I had no such inputs. Maybe my seniors had the information but I did not have it.”

Subrata Saha, Lt. Gen of GoC 15 Corps admitted that it was the army’s mistake and violation of rules of regulations and said “We are questioning ourselves why firing took place and why rules were not followed.”


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