Apple is in trouble: iOS 12.0.1 is more embracing than ever

Apple is in trouble: iOS 12.0.1 is more embracing than ever

After a flurry of complaints and reports about the ‘ChargeGate’ situation iOS 12 played with some of the newly launched iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max and a string of other issues, Apple launched the iOS 12.0.1 a few days ago to fix the problem but in a bid to fix the ChargeGate situation, Apple has created a new string of problems for both newly launched iPhones as well as older models.

iOS 12 was officially rolled out on September 17 and has since been adopted by more than 50% of the Apple devices so far becoming the fastest and popular iOS till date but with ChargeGate, WiFi, Bluetooth, and other errors, Apple rolled out a bug fix update i.e. iOS 12.0.1. Although it resolved the charging problem, it has created a new string of issues which seems to be spread across older and newer generation of iPhones.

To start with, iOS 12.0.1 is preventing some users of making and even receiving calls and that has started to spread like wildfire on Twitter. Then, the users who upgraded to iOS 12.0.1 are finding it difficult to keep the iMessage to prevent it from sending messages to a wrong recipient. This is because iOS 12 has a feature that unifies the thread of a recipient with different contacts and emails. This has led to errors since iMessage seems to have unified threads of two different people which have introduced confusion and certainly an embarrassing situation since the message you send could be read by all other users in the thread.

Also, iPhone users have been sharing their Apple ID across different devices as it is cost-effective since the content purchased from iTunes and iStore needs to be paid only once which can be shared across different devices with the same Apple ID. However, Apple has unified the content of all the devices with the same Apple ID which means, all the text, photos, and other data stored on one device will be shared with another device with the same Apple ID.

But that’s not all. People have started reporting issues with the Wi-Fi as it doesn’t connect or sometimes doesn’t works and it’s ironic since Apple released the iOS 12.0.1 with bug fix to resolve Wi-Fi issue where it used to switch from faster 5GHz bandwidth to slower 2.4GHz bandwidth. So good luck with that. Further, Bluetooth issue that was reported with the iOS 12 is still intact.

What’s more? iPhones on iOS 12.0.1 have reported issues with LTE/4G connectivity as well and Apple hasn’t actually responded on the problem as of now. And the update brings the famous battery issue back to all newer and older iPhones as people have posted tweets stating extreme battery draining issue that seems to reflect right after when they update their iPhones.

So, anyone who is yet to update the iOS 12 to 12.0.1, I would suggest not to update it just yet because the issues with the former aren’t too widespread while the latter seems to be an inverse bug fix update which is actually meant to introduce bugs rather than solve current issues.

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