Apple introduces innovative credit card aptly named ‘Apple Card’

Apple Card

Apple Card is here and it is one of the most intelligent credit cards of sorts. Apple introduced the Apple Card during its Special Event 2019 held at the Steve Jobs Theatre on March 25. It enjoys a partnership with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard and links Apple Pay with Apple Card allowing iOS users to swipe across without a physical card.

According to Apple, a unique card number is dedicated to a user who can check everything related to the transactions and more in their Wallets app. The app provides details about each transaction with proper time, date, and tags along with an exact location on the map in case if users are figuring out when did they make the transaction, etc.

Moving further, the Card has its perks such as a 2 percent cash back for every transaction made using Apple Pay and a 3% cashback for a transaction made in-app or for any Apple products and so on. For those who are traveling somewhere or can’t use Apple Card virtually present on their Wallets app, they can order a titanium built card which is an innovative piece of craftsmanship that has no details about the user except the number whatsoever. The Verge tagged the Apple Card as a new status of symbol.

According to Wired, the card details are encrypted within the iPhone and can only be accessed if needed by authorizing the app by providing FaceID and/or TouchID. Apple adds that for every transaction made via Apple Card, it generates a dynamic security code to authorize the payment so that it doesn’t get stolen and since the user can keep his/her identity at bay, there is no way others will get to know user’s identity.

Further, Apple Card has a wheel that allows users to check out the outstanding credit amount and how much they will have to pay with interest. They can select the smallest amount with an interest amount added to it or they can pay the full amount without any interest. Yes, Apple Card has no fees, interest, hidden fees, and more which makes it lucrative than any other Credit card you might use.

Apple is looking forward to allowing its Apple Pay to penetrate further since only 70% of the retailers in the U.S. use Apple Pay while the adoption in Australia is above 90%. Apart from Apple Card, Apple actually introduced a number of services that includes its gaming service named Apple Arcade, all-in-one video streaming service called Apple TV Plus, all-in-one news streaming service called Apple News Plus, and finally, it rolled out updated Apple TV Channels and a new Apple TV app is due this May to name a few.

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