Apple Inc introduces new tool to disconnect your number from iMessage


Apple Inc. a few days ago recently rolled out a new features that allows anyone to disable the iMessage with their account. One of the most of annoying thing that has happened to the former Apple users is when they switch from iOS to any other device and iMessage keeps following them forever, there was no way to deactivate it properly until now.

The former iPhone users or those who don’t want to use iMessages can now go in settings, messages and then ‘Turn iMessage off’. The iMessages can be sent across several devices from the Cupertino giant and with the update of Mac OS X from Mavericks to Yosemite, the feature just got even better with a seamless synchronisation in between the every Apple device you may have. The iMessage now also supports voice messages and is better than ever before.

Apple introduced iMessage in the year 2011, and the main reason behind the release was to allow iPhone users communicate with each other over the Wi-Fi without increasing any load on the cellular networks. Apple keeps a track of your phone number and whenever someone tried to send you a message it generally moves to the iMessage.

However, the service became a nuisance when users started using an Android or Windows Phone; and iMessage was still hanging on to them. Although, there was a way to disable the service, users complained about iMessage working even after its turned off.

But, due to the presence of iMessage in between, the former iPhone users were annoyed by the failed deliveries of messages, however, the sender receives a delivery confirmation.

This new tool from Apple allows you to remove their name from the iMessage users, and with step-by-step instructions, the Cupertino giant has made the de-registration process very easy and now the users are now not going to face anything like it in the future.

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