Android Q Beta 5 is Live with revamped navigational gestures

Android Q Beta 5 is Live with revamped navigational gestures

Google’s fifth Android Q beta is here, giving an early look at all the new features and functions Google’s next major mobile OS release will bring to the table. The fifth beta, launched on Wednesday, is claimed to be very close to what we’ll see in the final release. One of the biggest things to look forward to are the gestures and with Beta 5. It is sure that Google has focussed a lot on gestures.

Gesture navigation made its first appearance on Android Pie, though that has a hybrid interface that combined some gesture navigation features with buttons − there’ll be no buttons in Android Q’s UI. Just for the sake of simplicity, instead of calling this feature as “Fully Gestural Navigation,” Google now calls it “Gesture Navigation.” Let’s start with the Google Assistant gesture. The gestural navigation updates coming with Beta 5 allow you to use the Assistant by a swipe gesture from either corner. You just need to swipe up and in diagonally from either bottom corner of the screen to bring it up.

With Android Q Beta 5, the new navigation system saves a ton of space, with only a transparent gesture bar at the bottom of the screen, just like on an iPhone X. It also feels quite fluid with less laggy animations. The back button will be replaced by swiping inwards from either the left or the right edge of the screen. For the recent apps tray, just swipe up a little, hold and the recent app tray would appear. Going back to the home screen and will involve swipes at the bottom of the screen which was previously occupied by the navigation bar.

The main limitation with the navigation gestures is that they will not work with 3rd-party launchers. But according to Google, starting in Beta 6, using a 3rd-party launcher will automatically revert the system back to 3-button navigation. Although Gesture Navigation tweaks seem to sometimes slow down the back gesture but is maybe only in the beta version and will be corrected when the software is eventually available for users. Users who are already on the Beta 4, should start receiving the new update on their Pixel smartphones. Google is also adding little visual “handles” in the Beta itself to teach you how to use it

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