Watch this amazing video as vertical UFO appears in Mexico in first alien sighting of 2018

A strange, mysterious object has been seen hovering in the skies of Mexico which looked like a UFO, according to the latest reports. A new video regarding the mysterious vertical UFO has been captured through a cellphone’s camera. At the time the video was captured, the vertical UFO was flying over a city named Baja situated in Mexico. If the mysterious object was really a UFO, then it might be possible that aliens might have visited our earth.

This is the first alien UFO sighting of 2018 and has excited the alien hunters as well as UFO enthusiasts. They consider it as a strong evidence to support their belief that aliens are present in the Universe and they frequently visit our Earth through UFOs. Another interesting thing is, in earlier cases, the suspected UFOs that were claimed to be hovering in the sky were mostly disc-shaped and also some were cigar shaped. This is for the first time a vertical or humanoid shaped UFO has been spotted in the sky. The video footage that captured the mysterious UFO-like object has gone viral, and many people have started debating about the possible outcomes of the strange object.

Many conspiracy theorists have come up with the idea that the object is a UFO and that aliens have visited our planet and are continuously monitoring us. Pedro Ramirez, a UFO expert, said that the mysterious object that hovered in the skies above the Mexican city was the first UFO sighting of 2018. He said that the tubular UFO was flying vertically over the city and claimed that the alien activity has increased since the last two months of 2017. “Aliens are aware that we have made a number of space launches recently and have identified that we have been sending up ‘war material,” he added. Ramirez further said that aliens are quite concerned about our activity and their process of monitoring our planet has started to increase. According to him, the year 2018 is going to be very important for all those who are following the alien phenomenon closely.

Ramirez said that as NASA and SpaceX are gearing up for a busy launch schedule for the year 2018, the UFO sighting events are definitely going to increase. Ramirez thinks that some of the space missions of those agencies possess ‘suspicious objectives” that the intelligent life is aware of. Although the video shows a mystifying UFO-like object flying in the Mexican skies, many think that it is not of a UFO and there is a chance that it might be a fake video. In the video, one can hear the voice of a woman who is surprised by the mysterious activity in the night sky. She says, ‘what is it? ‘

This is not the first time the news of UFO is in the air. Recently, people spotted a circular greenish UFO on New Year’s Eve in the sky of Yorkshire, UK. The residents saw the suspected object and they took the social media as a platform to express their fear and anxiety. People got scared by the strange object one user Dale‏ @DaleofEurope tweeted “It was incredibly fast. I’m in Leeds but sightings also in Bristol and Aberdeen!” People described it as a spectacular object and said that it was beyond our imagination.”

The presence of the extraterrestrial life is still not proved, but NASA has been accused of hiding the real information. The theory of another world has always been mysterious holding up many doubts and questions.

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