Are Aliens living in distant galaxy sending mysterious cosmic rays? Find Out


Astronomers from the Pierre Auger Observatory has stated that the cosmic rays that hit earth come from the far Galaxy. This study has given an important clue about the origin cosmic rays, high-energy particles.

The research report came out when popular physics scientist Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Listen project unlocked the mystery signals which may have been originated by “extraterrestrial civilisations”.

For many years, it was well known that the Earth is consistently affected by high-energy cosmic rays. Cosmic rays are nuclei of elements charged particles come from space outside of solar system. The energy that cosmic rays consist is very high. Its energy level is greater than the power made by a human-made particle accelerator. But after the recent study, a team of scientists thinks that they might have solved the question about the origin of these cosmic rays.

The researchers known as the Pierre Auger Collaboration, in a study of Published Science informed that the cosmic rays come from outside of the Milky Way. They have drawn their conclusion by recording from the Pierre Auger Observatory, Argentina. It is the largest cosmic ray observatory in the world.

The cosmic rays rarely reach the Earth. The energy level is estimated greater than two joules. When they came to earth and interacted with the Planet’s atmosphere, the rays come into contact of Nuclei. It then makes a shower of electrons, photons, and muons. After that, the cosmic rays become detectable by scientists.

Pierre Auger Observatory has 1,600 detectors spreading out over 3,000 square kilometres area. When the shower hits detectors, scientists can determine its origination direction. The researchers examined the direction of more than 300,000 cosmic particles and found that the arrival rate of cosmic rays varies from direction to direction. In some direction, the rate is higher.

The team said that the cosmic rays are coming from an area having a high distribution of galaxies. But the cosmic rays direction indicates toward a vast area of the sky. It is not easy to determine a particular source of rays. As per the researchers, the sun emits cosmic rays having low energy level.

After this new study, the researchers are now closer to disclose the origin of the cosmic rays and how these particles are created. This question is essential for the astrophysicist, Professor Karl-Heinz, from the University of Wuppertal informed.

If the mechanism behind the creation of cosmic rays can be revealed, it can explain certain things like formation process of galaxies.

The particles that have detected are so energetic that they have to come from astrophysical phenomena to have that energy level. Some theories say some galaxies have massive black holes. These black holes are more violent. So this can accelerate particles of very high energy and reach the Earth, researchers informed.

Recently, Dr. Vishal Gajjar, a postdoc at the University of California Berkley researching for the $100m ‘Breakthrough Listen” project, had successfully detected 15 strange and repetitive Radio signal bursts radiating out from a small galaxy using the Breakthrough Listen to the instrument at Green Bank on accumulating 400 terabytes of observations of FRB 121102’s location. According to the reports of the latest discovery, the dwarf galaxy is said to be 3 million light years away from Earth and it is observed that the mysterious signals are coming out from that galaxy indicating the presence of aliens.

In a study previously published in the Astrophysical Journal Letters, two researchers from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics (CfA) have pushed forward the path-breaking view that goes beyond the accepted hypothesis that “aliens are behind the mysterious Fast Radio Bursts.” In somewhat more scientific imprimatur, the new study has claimed that FRBs may be the effect of seepage from planet-sized transmitters, developed by an alien civilization to speed up interstellar probes or UFOs. Scientists believe that Fast Radio Bursts are responsible for fuelling alien starships.

Also, people tracking aliens and UFOs have spotted three mysterious objects flying past International Space Station recently. Alien seekers believe them to be Alien spaceship and claimed that aliens to linger around the ISS frequently and talk to astronauts aboard the space station.

Whatever, it might be, but it has once again given rise to the conspiracy that we are not alone in this universe. Apparently, the video has stunned the people as they started questioning NASA for revealing the truth behind the video. NASA officials are still silent on the footage and no one has come out explain whether the claim is correct or irrelevant.

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