Proof of aliens? Ancient tank on Moon hint Aliens preparing for war in near future, Watch Video

Conspiracy theorists claim that aliens are preparing for with us in near future. The stunning claim was made after a Youtuber posted a video that shows alleged alien tank present on Moon. The alien hunter claims that aliens do live on the lunar surface and monitor our activities. Also, the new find of an alien tank is a proof that they are preparing for war with us in near future.

Youtuber SecureTeam10 that constantly uploads videos on UFO sightings and alien findings, has released a new video where he shows the ancient tank while examining the image captured by NASA observatory. The uploader has zoomed the image and enhanced its color to increase the viewability of the image. One can clearly see an object that appears like a tank from the top view and has a big nozel to fire the shot.

“It very well could be just an oddly shaped boulder, but I want you guys to notice the artificial nature of it. If look at an actual tank from a bird’s eye view, you’ll see the tank and the turret on top, and this exhibits very similar features to the tanks that we see on Earth,” said the YouTuber.

The video soon became viral on social media and has received nearly one million views on the YouTube itself. The video also became popular on other social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter, receiving thousands of shares, likes, and retweets.

Some conspiracy theorists claimed that aliens secretly monitor our activities from Moon and they are preparing for war with us. Some claimed that aliens are not yet ready to war with us and they are still building an army and will soon attack to capture the resources on Earth at the right time. They warned concerned authorities and officials to find a way to defend us in future when aliens attack Earth.

Previously, alien hunters have discovered alien face resting near alien base located on the Copernicus Crater, two missiles in military formation on Moon, Circular UFO on Moon, Alien missile or UFO on Moon during Apollo 11 mission, and several other mysterious objects that suggest aliens do live.

More importantly, November 14, 2016., witnessed the largest supermoon in 69 years which was a delight to watch for everyone as the moon appeared 15 percent brighter and bigger. Meanwhile, alien hunters spotted UFO flying in front of the supermoon.

Also, a UFO researcher claimed that he has seen a mysterious UFO-like object on the lunar surface. The Ufologist got hold of this strange thing on the lunar surface while analyzing a NASA image captured by the space agency’s Lunar Orbiter 3 spacecraft.

“The world really needs some billionaire to launch a public lunar orbiter, with modern imaging hardware, and downlinks not controlled by governments/agencies which are funded by governments,” mentioned Silverbackplays. StreetCap1 one informed that the alleged object might be a UFO parked on the lunar surface. The object is bullet-shaped and has wings. The shape of the object is not consistent with the wreckage found at the bottom of the crater.

Watch the video of an alien tank on Moon

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  • stop this nonsense , even a layman can understand that there are no aliens , its just a hyped up theory.. the universe had been into an existence for multi billion years .. there is no legitimate and proof.. so stop spreading this shit and get back to life

    • We are proof that life exists, along with the millions and millions of different species on Earth. You can’t be so naive to believe that in all of the Universe we are the only planet that contains life..

  • I’ll start worrying once the aliens finish the roadway from the moon for the tank to travel on.

  • Tank photos PROOF NASA does not alter photos or obscure reality.
    It’s not a tank however. It’s a rock.

  • Secure team10 is a Nasa shill operation on YouTube . When people write about this it’s because they want to either promote this alien agenda or make conspiracy theorists seem nutty. When this shows up on the Google news feed you can tell it’s probably both. Here is an idea, figure out what being Human is and what the Earth is before you even consider that you know what aliens are doing on the moon and what they are planning to do to earth. Stories like this article are distortions and they hold no awareness of anything.

  • Even if it MIGHT be something metallic, there have been plenty of pieces of Russian, Chinese and American probes, landers, etc., and debris from crashed stages, which haven’t been exactly cataloged as to their locations. But, let’s not take these people’s fantasies away from them.

  • Did he really say “weathering”?? Good lord, I could only imagine the kind of lashing a moon monsoon could wreak!

  • So let me get this straight? Aliens, capable of interstellar travel, are storing WWII vintage tanks on Mars, to conquer earth? THIS is the best technology they can find? Capable of intergalactic travel but not smart enough to disguise their pre-historic weaponry while it’s being stored on Mars?
    Is this article a test to see if donny will believe it and start demanding we build a dome, not just a wall? Please tell me this was NEVER intended to be taken seriously. I can’t tell anymore, these days.

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