Alien invasion? Are they Monitoring us? People scared after Mysterious Object appears in Colombia

Alien invasion? Are they Monitoring us? People scared after Mysterious Objects appears in Columbia

Alien sighting was the buzzword of the year 2017 where people reported of many UFO sightings and some even claimed to find evidence of the existence of alien life. Another news of alleged alien sighting has surfaced the internet where people reported of witnessing mysterious fireball in the night sky of Colombia. Scared people also recorded the mysterious sighting in their camera and uploaded it on YouTube which is going viral in the social media.

The strange fireball was seen in the night of January 2, in the town of Ocana in Norte de Santander, Colombia. Baffled local residents who witnessed the light show got scared as they believed it to be alien spacecraft. Some residents boldly said that aliens are keeping an eye on us and they came in Columbia to monitor our activities.

While some residents made a video in which one can clearly see a bright yellow object shinning in the night sky. The object is flickering in the video and it then silently disappears into the night sky.

No words have come from authorities yet, but some residents claimed it to be a flare in the sky. Dixon Florez Castro said: “The light is from a flare parachute used during military actions. They illuminate large areas at night, usually for parachute landings and observational operations. Here it looks more dramatic because the sky is cloudy.”

Reports of alien sightings have come from all around the globe in later parts of the year 2017 and on New Year. A strange green object appeared on the New Year’s Eve in Yorkshire, UK. Though, it is not confirmed that whether it was a UFO or an asteroid but still this news will remain in the air until the space agency comes up with information.

On Friday 22nd December 2017, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 successfully lifted off from Space Launch Complex 4E (SLC-4E) at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California, carrying the Iridium-4 mission to orbit. While lifting up the rocket was created a trail of mystery and wonders.

The launch took place under the setting sun, and it created a bright, shining streak in the evening sky. The view was pretty unusual and was so spectacular that it led to distraction among drivers ion South California and as per a viral video, three drivers crashed each of their cars while trying to get a glimpse of the mysterious object in the night sky. A YouTuber with username Mark Sales posted a video in which it can be seen that the three cars collided while the SpaceX rocket was passing overhead. According to the Los Angeles Times, the short video clip was filmed across Interstate 10 in Banning with the help of a dashboard-mounted Camera. In the video, a man and children were commenting about the rocket and about the unfortunate drivers who crashed ahead of them. The December 22 Falcon 9 launch left a contrail behind it in the evening sky, and that contrail blew everyone’s mind. The contrail looked like a big Jellyfish having a long bright glowing tail.

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