Is NASA hiding on aliens? Golden cigar UFO appears within 100m of ISS (Video+)

Is NASA hiding on aliens? Golden cigar UFO appears within 100m of ISS (Video+)

Conspiracy theorists have alleged NASA that the American space agency knows about the existence of aliens but they are hiding it from us. Alien hunters have spotted alien UFO flying near the International Space Station caught on camera and they believe that it is not possible that scientists at NASA would not have seen such a mysterious flying entity.

Youtuber StreetCap1 that constantly posts about UFO sightings has uploaded a video which shows golden cigar shaped UFO flying withing 100 meters of the International Space Station. The UFO was caught in the camera on December 4.

UFOlogist Scott C Waring states, “That is a proof that this is a solid object and its shadows are due to the light from the sun. Awesome catch, and I wonder what aliens are doing up there…investigating the thoughts of the astronauts, or were the invited guests that came aboard the ISS?”

“This is an unidentified flying object near the ISS. It eventually just disappears. You may notice some very fast red flashes near it. I have uploaded it just as was broadcast so many people must have seen it too,” wrote YouTuber in the description of the video.

Watch the video of UFO flying near International Space Station

Alien hunters have several times spotted UFO near the International Space Station and they believe that aliens constantly linger around the ISS. Many times something mysteriously flying near ISS has been seen in the live feed from the space station and NASA has cut it abruptly stating it to be a technical glitch.

In addition, astronauts aboard ISS once accidentally revealed the codename ‘Gospel’ for UFO. “On a personal level I look forward to this partnership with the gospel,” to which ISS staff replied: “We will pray for you up there. You have our prayers.”

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