Alien exist? Circular UFO found near North Pole of Moon in a 4k video, Watch here

Alien exist? Circular UFO found near North Pole of Moon in a 4k video, Watch here

After finding series of objects and UFOs on Mars to prove existence alien life, conspiracy theorists have now found a UFO on the Moon. Yes, they have recorded a video to show that aliens constantly linger in space and visit our nearby celestial bodies like Mars and Moons.

While scanning the 4k video of the lunar surface, alien hunters found a dark circular tower on the north pole of the moon near the horizon. Youtuber UFOvni2012 has uploaded the video in which he has processed it to make more visible for the general public. He has slowed down the video, zoomed in, and marked the image to reveal the UFO.

According to conspiracy theorists, “the edges of the moon are easiest to spot buildings because of the angle of light, the viewer, and the structure itself. They believe it to be 100% proof of giant UFO that came to visit lunar surface.”

Finding aliens has caught up heat these days and several alien hunters from around the globe are coming up with something to prove the existence of aliens. Believers of aliens are finding something mysterious in nearly every NASA Curiosity image of Mars. In addition, they believe that UFOs constantly visit the International Space Station and NASA has mistakenly shown them during the live feed.

Recently, alien hunter haves found 2,50,000-year-old aluminum piece of UFO, insects near Curiosity rover, UFO near ISS, carved face monument on Mars, alien missile on Mars, Greek God Pan, Machine used by aliens, two strange artifacts, gold ring and alien gloves, and much more including alien city, drone, goblin face, etc. However, the most important find was the Gautam Buddha statue on Mars which forced the American space agency NASA to comment on the find and they said it to be pareidolia — a psychological phenomenon involving a stimulus wherein the mind perceives a familiar pattern of something where none actually exists.

Although, alien enthusiasts have so many strange and mysterious objects that might raise fingers on NASA as they believe that the space agency knows about the alien but still they are hiding it from us, but they still need an alien body to prove that they exist.

Watch the video of circular ufo on Moon

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