Acknowledging existence of aliens- World UFO Day

Experts have long debated on the topic as to whether we are alone in this universe or there are other life forms residing in distant worlds. Although till date scientists have not received any signs of alien life, yet many events have come to light where people claim to have spotted UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects). With the belief that extraterrestrial life might be sharing the universe with us, 2nd July is celebrated all over the world as World UFO Day.

If it comes to recall, a lot many UFO sighting events have taken place in the past. An ex-pilot of the U.S. Navy recently revealed his encounter with a UFO, which he had come across during his duty. According to the pilot David Fravor, the UFO he spotted was near about forty feet in length and had no wings. The UFO was just seen flying over water. Fravor said in a statement, “It accelerates and it’s gone. Faster than I’d ever seen anything in my life.”

Fravor revealed this incident just after some days of the confession of Pentagon that it was running a secret program, which aimed at studying the UFOs. This program known as Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program was formulated from the year 2007 up to the year 2012. This program was conducted after the shutting down of the Project Blue Book, which was a similar initiative of the US Air Force.

Such initiatives prove that though no evidence of the existence of alien life has surfaced until today, yet the highest level search is still going on. In order to highlight these search programs and the belief that life does exist beyond Earth, 2nd July is observed as World UFO Day every year. This was initially started by Haktan Akdogan, the famous UFO hunter and is focused on motivating the governments in revealing the data about their sightings of UFOs to public.

In many places, the World UFO Day is celebrated on 24th July that highlights the initial UFO spotting in the United States by pilot Kenneth Arnold. 2nd July, however, highlights the Roswell event, where a balloon of the US Army had crashed in 1947, giving rise to rumors of UFO crash-landing.

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