9 Easy Ways to Get Friendly With Your New iPhone 

If you have recently switched to iOS from Android or purchased the iPhone as your first smartphone, you must be looking for tips to get acquainted with the new device. This article will give you a comprehensive overview of what you need to do on your new smartphone to make it ready to use. 

Avoid Connection Problems

iPhones are reliable, so there are very few instances of them showing signs of performance problems. However, you might still run into some issues with service or cellular data. 

Having no service on iphone limits the device’s usability by a lot. Usually, restarting the smartphone is enough to solve this particular problem. In case a simple restart does not help, disconnect and reconnect to the network, check and install missing updates, or reset the device to its factory settings.

Create Apple ID

When you first attempt to set up an iPhone, it will ask you to create your Apple ID. Now, if you wish to buy content from the Apple App Store, you will need to use your unique ID. It will also allow you to use exclusive features such as FaceTime, iMessage, iCloud, Apple Music, FindMyPhone, and more. 

With your Apple ID, you will be able to unfold multiple iPhone features, which you may not be allowed to use otherwise. So, when you start setting up your iPhone, start with creating an Apple ID to use your iPhone to the maximum. 

Set Up Medical ID

Thinking about medical emergencies seems impractical, yet it’s important, particularly in the current situation. You cannot predict medical emergencies, but you can safeguard your health by setting up a Medical ID on your iPhone.  

Your iPhone collects and stores health-related information such as details about any genetic disease, medication, allergies, and point of contact in the case of an emergency. This helps first responders in saving precious lives in case any medical emergency takes place. 

Set Up Focus Mode

iOS 15 comes with great feature enhancements, and Focus mode is one of them. It allows you to use different modes such as Work, Gaming, or Driving, to name a few. You can customize these modes as per your requirements.

You can enable notifications from particular apps and disable those you don’t want to hear from during specific hours. For example, you can mute notifications from social media channels to prevent distractions during work.

Use Spotlight Search

You can easily search for different content in the Spotlight search. It is one of the most useful but often overlooked features. On your iPhone, Spotlight search is enabled by default. To access the feature, simply swipe down from the home screen. 

Using Spotlight search, you can install, delete, or move applications directly, access app clips right away, or search text within photos. Moreover, you can use more options for contacts, find a calendar event, any location, search for an app, or file right from the Spotlight search. 

Enable FindMy

Safety is a priority. The FindMy feature in your iPhone is an incredible security enhancement that wipes your phone completely if it gets stolen or lost. Enabling FindMy is a standard step in the iPhone setup process as it allows you to keep your data safe from unauthorized access. 

The FindMy feature is available on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, iMac, or MacBooks. This built-in feature operates remotely to clean all the data stored on the device on sensing any suspicious activity. 

Customize Control Center

The Control Center on your iPhone is a quick access area that you can use to turn on WiFicontrol media, turn WiFi off, adjust the screen brightness, turn on the flashlight or turn it off, and much more. It allows you to perform quick action by tapping on the icon once.

To open the Control Center on your iPhone screen, swipe up from the bottom using your TouchID. Alternatively, you may swipe down from the top right corner using FaceID to get access to various options. 

Befriend Siri

Siri, one of the most prominent features on the iPhone, is your personal assistant that helps you by answering all your questions. You can either set up Siri when you set up your iPhone initially or can enable it later by navigating to Settings and then tapping Siri & Search. 

Siri’s popular feature Speak Selection enables the voice assistant to read out the selected text from a message or a webpage. To enable Siri, go to Settings, click Accessibility, tap on Spoken Content, and toggle Speak Selection to turn it on. 

Share With AirDrop

Sharing files, including videos, photos, documents, and more, between Apple devices is possible by using AirDrop. You can share content between iPhone and Mac or iPad and MacBook by connecting all the devices to the same WiFi network.

To use this option for sharing files, select the AirDrop feature from the share sheet and select the device you wish to send data to. The recipient will need to accept or decline the shared item. To control the devices that can discover you on AirDrop, go to Settings, click General, and then click AirDrop.

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