6 Tips to Follow If You Failed Your Essay Deadline

Many students get so confused when the deadline comes closer that they don’t know where to start and end up failing the deadline. Being anxious about it is normal, but it won’t help you. So, let’s create a practical step-by-step plan that will help you avoid a poor grade.

Find the Means to Finish Your Work

If you failed the deadline (or are about to fail it) and don’t have a full essay to submit, you need a plan on how to finish it as soon as possible. You can ask your friend to give you a couple of ideas, order professional essay writers, or cancel less important things. In case you choose the latter, you may even have time to read extra literature. The more information you have, the faster you can formulate your arguments. 

When you don’t have anyone to rely on to produce content, start with questions on the topic. For instance, ask yourself what concepts the topic comprises or what some of them are associated with. Create a logical outline based on your answers. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should randomly include all the details that come to your mind. Filter the most relevant ones and develop the ideas.

Assess the Timeframe

In order not to fail the new deadline you might get, approximate how much time you will need to finish the assignment. Typing and proofreading one page (~275 words) takes an hour for a professional. In case you’re totally new to essay writing, reserve two hours for a page. In addition, you will have to conduct research, which takes about the same amount of time as writing. 

Also, you might have to read a whole novel before writing anything. In that case, set a timer to check how much it takes for you to process one page and multiply it by the number of pages. Mind that you still need to have some time to address your basic needs. Finally, when you have assessed the number of hours/days you will require, add 15% to it to be on the safe side.

Notify Your Teacher and Send the Draft

As soon as you know how and when you will have your essay finished, get in touch with your teacher. Whether online or in-person, it is a must to explain yourself before you ask for another chance to get a good grade.

If you have some proof that you started working on the assignment, send at least something. There are more chances that you will be allowed extra time since the teacher will see the direction you’re heading into and whether there is sense to give you another chance. It sounds harsh, but sometimes, your effort won’t be worth the time spent, whether yours or teacher’s, or both.

Ask For an Extension

As you approach your teacher, ask them whether they can give you the required amount of time discussed previously in this article. If you’re granted an extension, consider asking for tips that will help you handle the essay. An outline would be useful here as well so that the teacher can see what you are planning to cover and indicate the gaps.

Be ready that you may not be given the same amount of time you need. So, you will have to compromise the least important things like proofreading or formatting.

Don’t Lie

There is no need to make up tragic stories or silly excuses. Any teacher with experience has heard all of those and knows when students lie. If they feel that you’re not playing according to the rules, they may stop playing according to those as well and even refuse to give you one more chance.

Don’t Plagiarize

The first thing many students resort to out of despair is copying some information or rewriting someone else’s work in other words. Here are the reasons why both options are bad: 

  • many colleges and universities are equipped with good plagiarism checkers, including Turnitin, which means there are few chances to avoid being caught;
  • most teachers have read nearly 90% of the works related to the subject – they can recognize the text you used;
  • being caught cheating is much worse than losing a few points for late submission and can have serious consequences.

In case you think that duplicating your own content to meet the word count is a better idea, mind that it’s self-plagiarism and won’t be treated well either. Even if it’s a draft you’re going to send, make it original. That way, you won’t have to second-guess whether your teacher checked your draft for plagiarism or not.

Summing Up

Finally, be cool with it. It may not be that easy, but you should remember that if you’re hectic, nervous, and, hence, confused, it will even worsen the situation. When it comes to submission or a granted extension, don’t apologize numerous times. It’s better to say “thank you for your patience” or “thanks for another chance.” 

Even if you don’t get an opportunity to submit your essay later, ask your teacher how you can compensate for the lost points or what assignments you can pay attention to in the future.

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