6 Tips For Getting Work Done While On The Go

Working on the go means delivering quality work while traveling or attending to other day-to-day responsibilities, which requires being away from your regular work setting. This shift in work strategy requires efficient planning beforehand.

The goal is to execute the mandates required of you as if you’re physically present in the workspace. Failing to place certain requirements in order means compromising work quality and production while you’re on the go.

Here are six tips for getting work done while on the go:

  • Pack Work Equipment

The nature of your work will determine the type of equipment you need to carry with you on the go. It may be easy to overlook few of the items you’ll need, so you should consider making a checklist.

For instance, you may be able to attend meetings using your tablet, but if you need to type out a report, your laptop will be required more than your tablet. You’ll need charging equipment for the gadgets, and depending on where you’ll be working from; you may need to carry universal chargers. Packing your equipment, including stationery, means you won’t need to invest time and money in purchases.

  • Strategize Your Communication Methods

The ability to communicate with your team and clients while you’re on the go is essential. Certain communication methods, such as traditional mailing, won’t be ideal in such scenarios. You have to use more effective and convenient methods, such as online fax, when sending documents. You might not be able to fax using a machine; however, the digital conveniences of this innovation mean you can still produce the work required of you.  

Where you rely on telephone calls, you may be in spaces where the mobile network system isn’t clear. In that case, you may need to rely on digital calls compared to mobile calling, meaning you need to install the apps or systems required for the calls. It’s, therefore, important to strategize your communication methods before heading on the go.

  • Find A Productive Workspace

When you’re on the go, a productive workspace is essential for you to focus. Because you’re on the go, your mind may be in overdrive, trying to acclimate to the demands that come with it. A productive workspace means being able to produce quality work even though you’re away from your regular work environment.

Productive workspaces differ from person to person, as well as depends on where they are. You may prefer a quiet space, such as a private room or a library, or you may need the subtle buzz of a coffee shop where you can work on your tablet. You might also find that you won’t have the time required to go to a library, and you may have to find the closest area possible. In that case, scan your area and determine which space would be the most ideal for your needs.

  • Ensure Reliable Internet Connection

You can reach out to the spaces you’ll frequent to find out about their Internet connection and fees. If the places are registered online, you may be able to check if Internet facilities are a given, as not all spaces provide such services. Such amenities are important when organizing your on-the-go route.

Alternatively, you can organize an Internet dongle that’s accessible regardless of where you’ll be. Dongles are convenient in that they’re portable, and you can use them on the different devices you use without installation hassles.

  • Work Early Morning

Early mornings may be convenient to get some work done while you’re on the go. This may be a period when it’s quiet around you, and the day’s demands may have not yet begun. Depending on the nature of your work, you can cover some ground even if your teammates or clients aren’t working at the same time as you, particularly if you’re in different time zones, for example.

  • Delegate

If you’re in a position to delegate some of the work to team members, you can distribute the load before you head out. Successfully delegating work means discussing the expectations you have from the team and navigating uncertainties they may have. It may also mean having to hold training sessions before you leave for the best possible outcomes. 


Working on the go can be productive, provided that you plan. You can make a checklist of the work equipment you need while you’re on the go in order to deliver great results. Make sure you also strategize for effective communication methods, such as online fax, while you’re on the go. Reliable Internet connection and a productive workspace are essential for the quality delivery of work. You can also consider clearing some of the morning workloads before your hectic on-the-go schedule begins.

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