This is how rope was made 40,000 years ago

Researchers discover 40,000 years old tool’s method for making rope

In a new discovery by Archaeologists, the method of making ropes, 40,000 years ago has been found. The ivory carved from tusk of mammoth was used as the tool to prepare ropes with good strength.

Ivory of Mammoth was first thought to be a part of a musical instrument by experts, other experts suggested it to be a tool for straightening arrow shafts, after analysing the tool deeply, it was noticed that it was used to make ropes. It was known that people of that era used to have ropes but the method of making it wasn’t known yet.

The tool is 8 inches long with the diameter of about 7-9mm, with four holes. The hole has spiral shaped incisional. The plant fibre is passed from the holes and twisted , after twisting the tool is rotated to wind the fibre into rope, this gives it extra strength.

Hohle Fels, a cave in Germany at a prehistoric site, Swabian Alps near Schelklingen, was explored by researchers, August of 2015 and various precious treasures made by humans have been found from the site. There are various other musical instruments and example of prehistoric arts found from the cave such as figure of Venus, birds, hybrid-human lion. All the statues looked 35,000 – 40,000 years old. Musical instruments include bones and ivory flute. The findings suggested that the place was rich in culture, but after being discovered that the ivory was used for ropes and not for music, discoverers think that the place might be site of industrious activity.Replicas have been made to demonstrate how our ancestors used to carve rope during the Ice Age.

“This tool answers the question how rope was made in the Paleolithic, a question that has puzzled scientists for decades” said Dr Veerle Rots, a researcher in the centre for wear and residue studies in prehistory at the University of Liege.

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