4 HR Admin Tasks to Streamline Today

One of the traditional challenges in any HR department is the high number of manual tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis. The good news is that technology has transformed the efficiency of any HR team. Cutting-edge tech has made those teams more productive, more influential in terms of employer branding, and better able to get more hands-on with the people in an organization. The problem is that too many HR departments are still using outdated technologies and processes to manage their responsibilities, and that is having a knock-on effect on the growth of their organizations. For those HR teams still struggling, here are the admin tasks that you can streamline today.

Payroll and Efficiency

One of the more laborious tasks of the HR team is managing the payroll requirements of a large organization. With different pay grades, freelancers, and remote workers all adding to the confusion, those manual processes need to be eradicated. New technologies in the form of payroll software from providers like can drastically cut down the admin and data entry tasks of your HR team. That leaves them better able to manage payments quickly and more efficiently, avoiding the high potential for mistakes that are inevitable with manual processes and slow data entry.

The Recruitment Process

The HR team spends a lot of time on the recruitment process, especially in large companies. The problem is that recruitment is a time-consuming process, and the longer it takes the more it costs. Automation is being adopted by a wide variety of departments, including the marketing team and the finance department. However, HR can use automation and artificial intelligence to both speed up and streamline recruitment. Resume-screening AI tools can drastically cut down on the time it takes to read a pile of applications, while high-volume application periods can be better organized with automated interview management. Using automated technologies to improve recruitment efficiency is vital in the modern organization.

Staying Compliant

As one of the most consistent challenges for the HR team, being compliant is just as important as ever. As laws and regulations continue to evolve, keeping up with changes can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Cloud-based platforms are easing that workload, largely due to their ability to store and sort large amounts of data. However, HR teams should also be looking at the advances in natural language learning and the blockchain to stay one step ahead of changes in workplace and employment law. Regulatory technology (or RegTech) is one of the fastest-growing technology sectors and for good reason.

Performance Management

The primary function of human resource workers is performance management. They will have to design the processes, consistently monitor the performance of every employee, gather feedback, and implement employee reviews. While there is already a wide range of tech tools available for streamlining this process, it is data analysis that is proving to be the key to streamlining HR tasks. Raw data can be turned into actionable steps that have evidence-based grounding. While analytics management might seem a long way from managing people, it can be used to develop teams more efficiently, all while ensuring ‘the human’ remains at the core of the human resource team.

New technologies are emerging every day, disrupting industries and departments at a rapid pace. You want your HR team to be more efficient, more effective, and better able to focus on team performance and people management. That means it’s time to start looking at the technologies that can transform the employee experience and make your HR team the key to business growth and sustainability.

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