35,000 job openings at TCS for 2015-16 freshers

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Tata Consultancy Service, being India’s largest IT sector company announced that it will hire around 35,000 freshers in 2015-16, 10,000 more than its campus recruitment figure in the current fiscal year.

A TCS spokesperson confirmed that the company would like to overshoot its overall stated target of hiring 55,000 professionals, including the recruited ones during 2014-15 fiscal.

“We will be overshooting that 55,000 number but at the moment we are not looking at what that final number is going to be. We will be doing 35,000 campus offers next fiscal,” TCS executive vice president and global head for human resources, Ajoy Mukherjee, told PTI.

“Previously the company has hired 36,000 employees already and will exceed the 55,000 number that we had given earlier,” Mukherjee said. “The overall need of what we require for the next year and planning our head-counts from that point, campus (recruitment) is one of the things we have to do, the overall hiring number for FY16, including the lateral ones, will be decided in February next year.”

In addition to it, TCS Chief Executive and Managing Director, N Chandrasekaran said that he is bullish about the 2015-16 fiscal, after declaring a 13.2 per cent growth for the July- September quarter profit at Rs 5,244 crore.

“Across the sectors, and across markets, we remain very positive. If at all, we are only increasing our investments both in sales and capability building. We have already hired 36,000 people (as against targeted 55,000 for FY15)… So, we remain bullish about next year,” he had said.

However, utilisation rates could be lower due to hiring of more freshers. The company cannot give the targets in terms of utilisation rates. The current utilisation rates of TCS stands at 81.3 per cent.


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