33 killed in suicide bomb attack at Yemen police enrollment

several dead and wound in suicide bomb attack in sanna

At least 33 were killed, and several other were wounded when a suicide bomber exploded his car near Yemeni Police College, in Sanna, on Wednesday. No one has taken the responsibility of the attack yet. However, sources said Yemen’s local al-Queda branch might be behind the attack as they have conducted several other similar attacks in recent past.

Soon after the attack authorities took over the control, fire-fighters came into the scene and sprayed water to extinguish the fire; the wounded were taken to the nearest hospital.

A witness said bomb exploded when lines of cadets were waiting outside of the academy preparing to enrol. Intensity of the blast was such that several went flying into the air, and sidewalk got covered with blood stains.

“We were all gathering and … (the bomber) exploded right next to all of the police college classmates,” eyewitness Jamil al-Khaleedi told The Associated Press. “It went off among all of them, and they flew through the air.”
Officials reported that 64 people were wounded, and 33 were killed including three civilians in the attack. “The situation is catastrophic. We arrived to find bodies piled on top of each other,” an official said. “We found the top part of one person yelling, while his bottom half was completely severed.”

A taxi cab waiting nearby where bomb struck, went off flying and burned into fire with everyone sitting inside it.

Yemen has now faced several similar suicide bomb attacks. 26 people were killed at cultural centre in the Yemen city of Ibb, on January 1, In May 2012, 90 people were killed at military parade by a suicide bomber and more than 50 were killed a year ago when terrorists attacked on a military hospital.

Most of the attacks has been on defence structure of the country. Now Western and Gulf Arab states have started fearing that these attacks can cause instability and could weaken country’s economy and government as well.

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