3 Old School Marketing Tactics That Are Making a Comeback

Marketing is a lot like the fashion industry: eventually, everything makes a comeback. Similarly, old school tools and strategies are rising in popularity once more.

Why is it that these seemingly outdated tactics are becoming more effective? The answer lies in the overly saturated digital marketing channels. Businesses are fighting to distinguish themselves from the competition, but it’s no longer as easy as it was a decade ago. Consequently, traditional media is making a strong resurgence.

If you’re trying to find new and inventive ways to market your business, perhaps it’s time to look to the past for a few top tips.

Printed Media and Advertisements

Not too long ago, marketing agencies touted the passing of printed advertising as digital and social channels’ popularity skyrocketed. “It will always have a place,” they said, “but it’ll never be as powerful as social media.”

Today, these channels are so oversaturated with advertisements that many users either ignore or block them entirely. Unsurprisingly, the strategy doesn’t have the ROI it offered only a few years ago. Luckily, digital-to-print marketing is bringing back printed media and combining it with digital platforms.

Here are a few ways you can use digital-to-print to boost your strategy:

  • A printed flyer with a QR code that points to an app.
  • Business cards that contain a website link.
  • Billboards with a social media profile tag.

By integrating old school and new school, you can get a more effective strategy with the strengths of both and the weaknesses of neither.

Text Message Marketing

While not strictly traditional media, text message marketing is one of the most underrated and underutilized industry tactics.

SMS marketing has been around for over two decades, so it’s certainly not a new approach. However, the use of mobile text marketing software has fluctuated over the years, rising and falling in popularity as other tools and technologies entered the market.

Why is text message marketing making a comeback now? Although there’s no way to pinpoint the exact reason, there are a few statistics that show why businesses and consumers find it appealing:

  • 75% of consumers want to receive texts with coupons or special offers.
  • 75% of millennials prefer SMS communication for promotions and surveys.
  • Text messages have a 99% open rate, which is significantly higher than email.
  • 90% of leads prefer an SMS to a phone call.

Texts are a comfortable way for the current consumer market to communicate. If you want to improve your click-through rates and returns, you can’t exclude SMS messages from your marketing strategy.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is likely the most surprising entry on this list. People are addicted to the thrill of instant satisfaction, and snail-mail can’t measure up to the speeds of email, SMS, and digital marketing tactics. Why, then, is it making a comeback?

The answer lies in the personal touch it offers.

Many digital marketing methods are becoming increasingly generic, casting wide, impersonal nets. Consumers long for personal interactions, and the statistics prove it:

  • 71% of consumers are frustrated by impersonal shopping experiences.
  • 80% are more likely to buy from a company that offers a personalized experience.
  • 72% will only engage with personalized messaging.
  • 83% are more than happy to share their information with you in exchange for a more personal touch.

If you’re not convinced, consider the case of NatureBox.

The ecommerce company was struggling to gain traction, and the regular marketing campaigns weren’t delivering results. Taking a chance, the company sent out personalized postcards with coupon codes to 50,000 previous buyers. Resultantly, the business saw a 60% increase in net revenue and 35% increased orders.

A little personalization can go a long way.

Old Is New Again

While digital channels aren’t going to fade away, oversaturation and impersonal advertising mean that they’re no longer as effective as before. Luckily, old school tactics are still here to save your marketing strategy.

Don’t be afraid to use so-called “outdated” marketing methods. Text messaging, direct mail and printed advertisements are more relevant than ever. By combining them with your digital strategies, you can develop a robust plan to target in a personalized, efficient, and effective way.



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