3 Indian women lead for India’s Mars Orbiter Mission

India's Mars Orbiter Mission

In the year 2013, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission became the first Mars orbit mission, which successfully reached the orbit in its first attempt. The better news is, three Indian women were leading the mission.

Let’s get familiar with the 3 legends of India.

November 5, 2013 is a remarkable day in Indian space history because in this date, India’s Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched the Mars Orbiter Mission, which is more popularly known as Mangalyaan in India. The better news is three Indian women scientists were working in the mission. In an interview, Nandini HAarinath, the Project manager, Mission Design and Deputy Operations Director, Mars Orbiter Mission said, “Every launch gives me butterflies in the stomach and MArs Orbiter Mission was exceptionally a special one.”

In the same interview Seetha Somasundaram, the Program Director of the ISRO Space Science Program Office, talked about another historical day in the history of ISRO – September 24, 2014, the grand day on which the Mangalyaan mission successfully entered into the Mars orbit. Ms. Seetha said, “We will never forget it in all our lives. When we came to know about it, those were probably the sweetest words we heard on that day.”

Another women scientist and engineer of ISRO who is leading Mars Orbiter mission is Ms. Minal Rohit, who said, “I always wanted to be one of those scientists in that white garment, finding new ways to show the world.”

“I don’t think I ever thought I would be working in ISRO Satellite Centre. If you are doing mission operations, you really don’t need to watch a science fiction movie. We see that excitement in our day-to-day lives,” says Nandini Harinath, Project Manager, Mission Design and Deputy Operations Director, India’s Mars Orbiter Mission.

The three great ladies also shared their experience and long night planning that they had to do in order to successfully launch the mission. The short film clearly reveals everything about Mangalyaan mission.

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