223 shops destroyed in massive fire at Faridabad

223 shops destroyed in massive fire at Faridabad

In an unfortunate event, cracker shops in Faridabad, Haryana caught fire, which eventually resulted in a massive explosion destroying in around 200 stores. According to the reports, there are about 223 shops that have been affected by this massive fire, however, the reason behind is still unknown.

While we all were enjoying the festival, hundreds of shops in the Dussehra Maidan of Faridabad were destroyed by this unfortunate event. Despite nearly 12 fire brigade vehicles, the fire has not been put out yet.

All the shops that have been turned to ashes had property worth crores and many people have been left devastated in this unexpected event.

Not only the shops, but the cars that were parked near Maidan have also been damaged in the fire too. However, there are no reports about any deaths or the injuries that were caused by it. Officers believe that there are many among those who are still there and struggling for their survival in intense fire and smoke.

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