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“I do not want to play a gay character”: Lucas Grabeel

American actor and producer Lucas Grabeel who is well known for ‘High School Musical’ series recently disclosed about his character which he played in the popular series.
Actor Lucas Grabeel essayed the outstanding role of a gay character as Ryan, in High School Musical film series which was released in 2006.

In the latest interview which was held with a reputed media portal, 35 years old star revealed that he wouldn’t want to be the gay actor as Ryan if the show was released now, but he would like a gay actor to play the role.

The High School Musical fame Lucas also revealed that there are currently many great gay actors, but he wasn’t sure whether he would portray the gay character as Ryan, if mockumentary musical drama web television series, High School Musical was created today.

And then Lucas Grabeel added that he would love to play the role of Ryan, but he would not allow other people to take the opportunity away. Besides this, Lucas also disclosed that as a straight white man he has already taken opportunities away from other people.
After “High School Musical” director Kenny Ortega’s revelation about the character Ryan was gay in the movies, Lucas’ statement came.

During an interview, Lucas also opened up that he didn’t believe Disney was “ready” to have a gay character openly. In addition to this, Lucas also remembered that when he discussed regarding the gay character with the show director Kenny Ortega, the director denied talking anything about it as it was a children’s program. However, he agreed that Lucas’ character was gay, and they had the opportunity to present a real person as well.

It has been more than a decade since High School Musical was first broadcasted, and our favourite actor Grabeel has always been thankful to the show makers for the show. Corbin Bleu, Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, and Ashley Tisdale were also featured in lead roles in the series along with Grabeel.

Grabeel also disclosed in one of his interviews, that people once approached him and thanked him for motivating them to follow their passion for art, dance, music and theatre. The actor also revealed that these kinds of comments and feedback always touched him.
On the work front, Lucas reportedly last appeared in “Family Guy and the movie, Space” TV series.

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