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Hyun Bin Net Worth, What is the story of Hyun Bin popularity?

Hyun Bin

Kim Tae-pyung (born September 25, 1982), recognized officially as Hyun Bin, is a South Korean star. Hyun Bin, first widely recognized for his role in the 2005 romantic comedy television drama My Name is Kim Sam-soon. Since then, he has starred in leading roles in several popular television shows including the romantic fantasy drama Hidden Garden (2010–2011), the fantasy drama Memory of the Alhambra (2018–2019), and the love story Crash Landing on You (2019–2020).

On September 25th, a remarkable day for our dear Captain Ri (Hyun Bin) as it’s his birthday! We all know that South Korean actor Hyun Bin has been a well-known actor not only in South Korea but also abroad, for his performance of the hit drama “Crash Landing on You.”

Hyun Bin has already begun his career in South Korea because of his successful ventures, but “Crash Landing on You” has lifted his profile to another level, making him even more popular worldwide. As a successful guy, he is predicted to make a lot of money in the industry, provided that “Hyun Bin” is one of the most popular names in dramas, films, and endorsements.

What is his net worth?

Well, it had once reported that he privately contributed 200 million South Koreans to the non-governmental group Society Chest of Korea to support the country’s efforts against COVID-19. Well, well! Not only is he popular, handsome, and wealthy, but he is also blessed with a kind heart. And with such a fantastic gift, it makes us wonder again how much Hyun Bin has received in his long and prosperous career in the entertainment industry?

Overall, our estimation of Hyun Bin’s net worth as an actor and model from 2013 to 2020 will be a total of $15 million. This covers his advertising promotions and his unrecognized amount per episode of Crash Landing on You.

About Hyun Bin’s career:

Hyun Bin’s first movie was Shower in 2002. However, due to a lack of funds, it was not published. Hyun finally made his debut as an actress in the 2003 Bodyguard television series. He then appeared in the Nonstop 4 comedy and the romantic Irish relationship thriller, making his film debut in Spin Kick’s youth sports movie the same year.

Hyun appeared in the 2005 romantic comedy serial My Lovely Sam Soon with Kim Sun-a., for which Hyun received the Highest Excellence Prize at the MBC Drama Awards.
In 2018, Hyun appeared in the crime thriller The Deal, playing the villain role for the first time alongside Son Ye-jin; and the zombie blockbuster Rampant (co-produced by VAST Entertainment). The same year, he returned to the small screen with the fantasy adventure drama Memories of the Alhambra next to Shin-Hye Park. The series, one of the most highly regarded Korean dramas in the history of cable television, and Hyun was lauded for his somewhat oblivious yet funny interpretation of his character.

Social activities by Hyun Bin:

On October 29, 2013, Hyun received the President’s award on the 50th Savings Day organized by the Financial Services Committee for savings of 35 billion won (approximately US$ 33 million) over 17 years. Hyun engaged in an advertising drive against animal cruelty in February 2016. As part of the launch, the Hyun agency VAST Entertainment posted images of him posing with a retired search and rescue dog called “Vision.”

It had announced in March 2020 that Hyun made a hidden donation of 200 million won to a non-profit organization, Community Chest of Korea, to help combat the outbreak of COVID-19 on 21 February 2020. Hyun has also named as a member of the Honor Society, a network of large private donors, for his multiple contributions to various causes. It has consistently funded initiatives by organizations such as Save the Girls, Humanitarian Chest of Korea, and humanitarian aid NGOs.

What is in Hyun Bin Personal life?

Hyun was born and brought up in Seoul, and also has an older brother. He graduated from Youngdong High School. And then, he studied at Chung-Ang University, where he earned his degree in Theatre Studies in 2004. He studied at the same institution in 2009 to pursue a master’s degree.

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