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As with in-person meetings, a meeting agenda helps set clear expectations for what needs to be discussed. It’s even more important to set agendas, even loose ones, for remote meetings, to maintain a sense of structure. Below, we go through the steps you should take to conduct a successful remote meeting every time. Without a doubt, remote meetings are critical for businesses to succeed.

  • Your job is to make the team meetings as valuable as possible, which means making them a vector for social cohesion, as well as a place where hard decisions are made, especially now.
  • Brainstorm sessions are like goldfish, they will fill up as much time as you give them.
  • Employees can easily communicate and share files with others in their team.
  • After the meeting is over, virtual teams must come together to identify what works and what doesn’t.
  • I have more video conferences with my coworkers just to see how they’re doing.
  • Other related terms often used include virtual meetings, online meetings, online presentations, and video conferencing.

Remote meeting is an umbrella term used to describe real-time discussions or presentations held between two or more parties online. Other related terms often used include virtual meetings, online meetings, online presentations, and video conferencing. Webinars can also be considered remote meetings, however the interaction between presenter and attendee may be restricted. Remote meetings or virtual meetings are held completely online. These use pre-recorded content along with video streaming to connect people in different locations. Companies with dispersed teams use remote meetings to enhance collaboration.

Virtual meetings vs. face-to-face meetings

This may also lead to additional in-meeting accessibility considerations (e.g. the need to live caption telephone participants). Alternatively, a survey form asking questions of meeting participants could be used, with results made available immediately. Ensure that participants have an adequate opportunity to become familiar in advance with any collaboration software (e.g., editing tools) to be used during the meeting.

Enable recordings of meetings to be edited to improve the textual accuracy and synchronization of captions. See Synchronization Accessibility User Requirements for further discussion of caption synchronization. For consistency and clarity, the following terms are used throughout this document, as defined here. Can best understand when what a person is saying conflicts with what they might be thinking, through body language.

What are three types of remote meetings

People with disabilities might find it challenging to attend on-site events, especially if they’re far away or if the infrastructure has accessibility issues. ZoomZoom is one of the platforms that facilitatevideo conferencing. It offers tons of features and is scalable to specific business requirements. Also, it’s a user-friendly tool that supports small and large enterprises alike. Furthermore, it works on multiple devices, from your desktop computer to your smartphones. It deliversqualityservice and is a highly reliable platform to utilize.


In addition to being a management staff meeting, this can also be a team meeting in which the team lead or the department director shares information with their team members. In a distributed organization I led, we needed to build a new guiding framework after a charged incident. First, we https://globalcloudteam.com/ hosted a small digital round table to reflect on the incident . Next, we held one-on-ones with various individuals to understand diverse needs . Strong relationships are built by laddering up levels of openness, so these activities allow people to choose comfortable levels of exposure.

What are three types of remote meetings

A good host should know when the audience is losing their interest and how to bring them back. They can do this by planning the session for maximum audience engagement via questions, discussions, games, etc. And they need to remain aware of the changing moods of participants by observing their body language.

I am a deeply collaborative worker and find it difficult to get work done unless it’s with someone else. Start working with a BetterUp coach to increase the how to run a successful remote meeting effectiveness of your meetings and build lasting organizational transformation. There are many types of meetings leaders are responsible for planning.

Learn More About Preparing for Virtual Meetings

A virtual meeting agenda allows your team members and other participants to have an outline for what will be discussed during the meeting so they can prepare ahead of time. So, if you have wondered how to run and host remote-friendly online meetings, check out the points below. Employees usually bond at work by gathering around the water cooler and discussing various aspects of their lives. You don’t have this chance when you work remotely, and it can feel lonely.

Hybrid transactional gatherings — where at least two people are in the same room and the rest are distributed — benefit from screen parity, or having each person appear in an individual tile. As anyone who’s attended a hybrid meeting remotely likely knows, it’s hard to interact with a virtual conference room full of blurry people. Following the steps in this guide, combined with using the right remote tools will help ensure your remote meetings are a success every time.

You can also fax documents across to your clients, either online with Adobe PDFs, or to physical fax machines. This makes it easy for people to join a meeting simply by calling a dedicated number. As RingCentral is cloud-based, this means that it provides a unified communications system specially designed for businesses. It can also offer enterprise-level VoIP services without the need for installing secondary and expensive hardware such as PBX boxes or servers.

What are three types of remote meetings

Business.com, “15 Things to Look for When Considering Virtual Meeting Technology.” Discover some of the key considerations to make as you browse different software solutions. GoToMeeting is a platform that’s best used in larger groups or for hosting webinars. Send out a feedback survey after the meeting, and offer to clear up any outstanding questions or points of confusion.

Choosing the right online meeting tool for your remote team meeting

It should have the key talking points and how long you will spend on each one . It would help if you also named employees who will speak and what they will talk about. Lastly, attach all relevant files attendees will need to view. Don’t manage your meetings with spreadsheets or paper folders. Keep the format light and be sure to build rapport between the presenter and audience.

Encourage participants to take turns answering questions, which can minimize awkward silences. Open opportunities for all employees to speak, ensuring that nobody feels left out or overshadowed. Mute audio except when presenting or asking/answering questions. “You want to make sure that everyone enters with clear guidelines of expectations and knowing what going to be doing and how to manage the digital space,” says Galindo.

You can also sync scheduling with apps such as Google or Microsoft Calendar. With a maximum time limit of 24 hours, RingCentral offers the time flexibility you need. With compatibility across most operating systems, RingCentral is accessible from almost every device. RingCentral Video allows for messaging to be integrated so that you can send text messages to other participants or write a text that all can see. Call Me means you can switch meeting audio to your mobile without dialling in. Call Out lets you invite someone to a meeting room simply by calling their number.

The remote ones are more susceptible to distractions when employees are working from home and less engaged with the team. Use tools that support team collaboration and virtual meetings for better productivity. These are our best tips to make the most out of your remote meetings. You will find that several of the best practices listed here are familiar to you already, because they are good practice for all meetings, in person or remote. Remote meetings, or virtual meetings, enable individuals based in multiple locations to meet via video or audio conference in a virtual room. These meetings are usually held using a video or audio conferencing software platform.

Does this need to be a meeting? The new rules of engagement for collaboration

Encourage all your team members to do the same, testing both their technology setup and Internet connectivity. Human presence is one of the most notable differences between in-person and virtual meetings, and arguably the one that causes the biggest conflict. In-person meetings give participants the ability to engage more fluidly with one another. An in-person meeting encourages more collaborative participation and teamwork thinking as people can read each other’s body language and are able to have quicker discussions.

Disadvantages of hybrid meetings

Since participants have to be physically present, the event will have to be scheduled well in advance, considering everyone’s availability. With a limited number of attendees in a confined space, both the speakers and the participants will be more attentive toward the content and its delivery. All the casual interactions during breaks provide opportunities to expand one’s professional network.

We understand that all remote meeting needs are unique — there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Large or small, we consider each remote meeting in terms of how can we best connect presenters and attendees needs, while meeting the event planner’s needs. Currently, we consider “remote meetings” to be any virtual gathering referred to as a videoconference, Zoom, WebEx, webcast, livestream, virtual meeting, etc.

Chances are that the idea of attending a virtual meeting is not foreign to you. You’ve attended plenty of online meetings and workshops to know what goes on. A remote meeting lets you meet anyone, anywhere, and offer details about the attendees, duration, the discussion, etc. at the click of a button. It also streamlines conferences with automatic annotations, transcriptions and translations if need be — with in-person meetings, you have to take notes to keep track of the key points.

Whiteboarding can help create a digital classroom that enables remote staff training. RingCentral offers a range of intuitive solutions in their office suite to cover every aspect of web conferencing. Whether you want to communicate by text, audio, or video calls , RingCentral is the perfect choice for any business that requires regular web conferences. RingCentral’s screen share option means it’s easy to share data, graphs, and information.

This type of meeting is used by organizations with remote or hybrid teams. Remote meetings can also be used to connect with clients, customers, or business partners who are located in different cities, states, or continents. At its best, technology in the workplace should be used to streamline processes and make information more accessible to teams and team members. Even if you share the agenda ahead of time, it’s easy to get sidetracked from the main topic in your remote meetings. If there are things that still need to be addressed, schedule a one-on-one or another team meeting within a realistic timeframe to keep new ideas fresh in your mind.

With the rise of remote work, remote-first work, and distributed teams, remote meetings started to gain more and more popularity. Nothing derails virtual meetings faster than a technological snafu. Be sure to test your technological set up in advance; make sure that you have no trouble getting audio, video, and chat functions to work appropriately.