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Hunters Season 2: What We Know So Far

Hunter Season 2

Amazon Prime may announce a second season of Hunters.

The first season of Hunters premiered only recently and there are already talks about its second season. Amazon Prime has not yet released any confirmation regarding the upcoming season. We are not even sure if they plan on producing the next installment.

Hunters Season 1 and the hype around it

Amazon Prime released the first season of Hunters back in February 21. At the time, the producers did not intend on producing another season but were hopeful to gain success with their experiment. The first season consisted of 10 episodes and there has been a lot of things taking place during that lead to the ultimate shocking finale.

In the first few episodes, the viewers were introduced to the titular hunters. The group was shown to have been attempting to shift to Europe with the intention of tracking down eight key Nazi personnel. They were given the order to kill them at sight. The information emerges further as we are also introduced to Adolf Hitler. According to what we are informed in the show, Hitler is no longer as powerful as he used to be but is still thriving in Argentina. He has been planning his massive comeback and he has managed to focus all his evil focus on creating a fourth Reich in America. At the same time, we are also shown that Travis is being trained to recruit Hitler’s army in the jail itself. This all sums to be being very bad news.

Hunters Season 2 – Release date

As mentioned previously, it has not yet been confirmed whether Hunters will be renewed for a new season. There has not been any news regarding whether they plan on creating another instalment. Although, it is highly likely that Amazon Prime may be led towards creating a new season. The first season has been a massive success and thus, there is no reason why they would refuse to renew it for another season. Amazon Prime, though, has a lot of options to consider in their list. They also must consider renewing another season for The Boys. However, they have not provided any update as yet.

Hunters to have five more seasons

While fans worry about whether the producers will create a new season, there have been rumours that suggest that the creators have decided to make five seasons in total for the show. The news first came out when Refinery29 published an article that consisted of the interview done with the show’s co-runner, Nikki Toscano. According to Toscano, it has been suggested that the characters might be looking to go into Europe with their second season.

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