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Hunters Season 2 Is In The Making!

Hunter Season 2

Here’s all you need to know about Hunters Season 2 – its release date, trailer, cast members and plotline.

Amazon Prime Video might be looking to renew its recently-released show, Hunters. As all may already be knowing, Hunter is a sinister-themed show which is based on a series of true, historic events. The main creator behind the show is none other than David Weil. The show was an absolute hit with the audience, ever since it was released in February, 2020. The finale episode of the season concluded on a major cliff-hanger. Hence, most fans are left in the state of anticipating regarding the possible renewal of the show. There are a lot of answers that the fans are seeking and it seems like only the creators may be able to answer these questions.

Is the showing going to renew?

According to a recent report, the producers of the show had already put the plans for the possible renewal of the show in place, even before the first season released. The creators clearly have a lot of content to play around with, at the moment. However, it remains to be seen exactly when Amazon Prime Video plans on pushing the possibility of the second season.

Check out the trailer here:

Hunters Season 2 Release Date

As mentioned previously, there has been no official announcement made by Amazon Prime Video regarding renewing Hunters. It is highly possible that it might take place same time next year. Due to the current pandemic situation, it is possible to have experienced quite a bit of delay. Although, it is highly likely that Amazon Prime may be led towards creating a new season. The first season has been a massive success and thus, there is no reason why they would refuse to renew it for another season. Amazon Prime, though, has a lot of options to consider in their list. They also must consider renewing another season for The Boys. However, they have not provided any update as yet.

Hunters to have five more seasons

While fans worry about whether the producers will create a new season, there have been rumours that suggest that the creators have decided to make five seasons in total for the show. The news first came out when Refinery29 published an article that consisted of the interview done with the show’s co-runner, Nikki Toscano. According to Toscano, it has been suggested that the characters might be looking to go into Europe with their second season.

What’s more?

In the first few episodes, the viewers were introduced to the titular hunters. The group was shown to have been attempting to shift to Europe with the intention of tracking down eight key Nazi personnel. They were given the order to kill them at sight. The information emerges further as we are also introduced to Adolf Hitler. According to what we are informed in the show, Hitler is no longer as powerful as he used to be but is still thriving in Argentina.

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