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Hummer EV to feature removable roof panels and a T-top

Today should have been GMC’s enormous day as it uncovered the reawakened Hummer EV pickup truck to the world, however the coronavirus pandemic moved plans. Rather, the brand gave us another teaser to keep the electric Hummer on our psyches, and it’s everything about t-tops.

The recently discharged teaser video for the GMC Hummer EV centers around the vehicle’s novel rooftop plan that incorporates an enormous, removable board over the first line and separate areas farther back that likewise fall off as well.

The sole photograph and video show a four-board removable rooftop for the electric pickup truck, which a solitary individual will have the option to bring down all alone. GMC affirmed that this element will likewise be standard and the focal console at the front will likewise be removable. The concise clasp shows that there are two rectangular showcases with a thin space isolating them.

GMC didn’t extend substantially more on the element, yet not going to mislead anybody, it’s a truly sweet expansion, and the boards should store flawlessly in the truck’s frunk.

The Hummer EV is a part of General Motors’ EV plans. The truck utilizes the organization’s new Ultium battery innovation and this application utilizes a 800-volt pack with energizing rates to 350 kilowatts. Three electric engines would make 1,000 ponies and will be able to push the Hummer to 60 miles for each hour in dot 3 seconds.

In spite of the uncover’s deferral – we despite everything don’t have another date of when we will get to see the Hummer EV. However, GMC recently affirmed the pandemic has not influenced the development of the electric truck. A future dispatch and production are both still on target, as well, and the teaser notices first accessibility in fall 2021.

The organization initially proposed the Hummer EV to start showing up in the fall of 2021. Notwithstanding, the impacts of the coronavirus episode put that planning to some degree in question. The start of this video likewise demonstrates that the truck shows up in the fall of ’21, proposing that everything is still on time.

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