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Huawei beats Apple with more than 200 million units predicted to be shipped this year

Huawei beats Apple with more than 200 million units predicted to be shipped this year

The Chinese smartphone giant Huawei has projected to ship around 200 million units by the end of this year. Huawei became a behemoth in the smartphone manufacturing industry as it recently surpassed Apple in terms of total units shipped. It squashed an eight-year-long record set by Apple and Samsung who have been holding the top two positions. Huawei is steadily moving towards Samsung to backtrack it.

Howard Yu, chief executive at Huawei said that Huawei could become the largest smartphone vendor by the end of next year i.e 2019 as it has already shipped a behemoth amount of units and more are in the lineup. He further added that it won’t be a problem to achieve the global position of numero uno in the next two years by the end of Q4 2019 thanks to Huawei’s rising popularity.

Both Samsung and Apple have been holding the top two positions in terms of the total units shipped for the last eight years and keeps interchanging the positions while no other smartphone brand has been able to achieve such a feat. However, the Chinese brand Huawei which holds total 27 percent of the Chinese market, was able to scale up to the third position and it has finally beat Apple and has itself become the second largest smartphone vendor in the world.

But the matter of fact is, it might be difficult to surpass the sales figures achieved by Samsung with a prediction of 350 million units that will be shipped by the end of this year alone. Although its sales have been going down, Samsung is still the strongest contender and will shortly launch few more smartphones to boost its sales such as Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is scheduled to launch on August 9 as well as Samsung Galaxy X, Samsung Galaxy Y, and first-ever foldable smartphone and bunch of other techs.

But Huawei has managed to achieve a lot even after it is locked out from various world markets such as the United States and Australia under the suspicion of being related to the Chinese government which practices communism and has been associated with censorship and other facts. On the contrary, Huawei is accepted in 170 countries around the globe where Europe and Asia are the hottest markets. The brand has expressed its interest in releasing the first-ever foldable smartphone ahead of Samsung’ by the end of this year under its hyper-accelerated development cycle that will boost its sales further.

It would be better if Samsung watches its back or else, Huawei will zip past it like the vendor did with Apple not too long ago. Apple is planning to release three iPhone models i.e. 6.1” LCD iPhone, 5.8” OLED iPhone X, and 6.5” OLED iPhone X Plus later this fall.

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