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How to Spoil a Quarantined Bride: COVID 19

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, weddings galore around the world have had to be canceled or postponed. For couples everywhere, this has been devastating news, as time and money had already been invested in their special day.

If you know a bride who has had to miss her wedding day and spend it in quarantine, this is an extra special time to be kind and nurturing. Cheer her up by sending one or more of the following gifts to her door, as this will make her postponed wedding day a happier one:

Something Just for Her

When choosing a gift, you may like to consider something that she wouldn’t normally buy herself. One option is to stick to a wedding theme by sending her a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Choose an in-season variety that will brighten up the home — and her mood.

Think about her unique interests; for example, she may love to read, so a good book could be the perfect gift. For a quarantined bride who is a champagne or wine drinker, you could include a bottle of her favorite variety in the package.

Say No to Cooking

A good way to spoil a quarantined bride is with food! She shouldn’t have to cook on her postponed wedding day, and this is where you can come to the rescue. If you live with her, you can transform your home into a restaurant as you wait on the bride-to-be throughout the evening.

If you are a friend and live close by, you may be able to drop off a homemade feast featuring a range of delicious dishes. Alternatively, you could order her a surprise meal delivered by a local restaurant, and this will mean there will be no cleaning up to do. Whatever you decide, don’t forget dessert!

Ignite the Romance

The bride and groom can enjoy an evening together in isolation on their canceled wedding day. To make this special, give gifts suited to a romantic evening, including candles, chocolate and a movie.

She will feel spoiled with lacy white bridal lingerie that she can wear now and again when the big day finally arrives! Even though she doesn’t get to be a Mrs. just yet, a romantic evening with her fiance might be exactly what she needs.

At-Home Pampering

You can make her feel good with at-home pampering products. While many salons remain closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, DIY beauty can be an ideal way to feel revived. Hand cream and pretty nail polish will be appreciated by any bride, as will any body lotions, face masks and cleansers.

Often, brands will have pamper packs available, and these can be ordered online. If you are feeling creative and know her favorite brands, you could create your own gift basket.

Spoiling a Quarantined Bride

Despite her wedding being canceled or postponed, a quarantined bride can still enjoy the day she was going to say “I do”. Whether you are her fiance, relative or a good friend, you can spoil her and put a smile on her face.

Consider flowers and wine, and let her relax by taking care of dinner. Give her a gift that will make the evening with her fiance special, such as lingerie and chocolate. And don’t forget — most brides will appreciate pampering, even if they have to do it themselves!

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