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How to quit smoking: tried and tested measures

Those who still haven’t kicked the habit of smoking will know that it’s not always as simple as going cold turkey. More frustrating is the knowledge that friends and family have successfully quit – seemingly easily. However, kicking a habit is a remarkably tough feat, and it can take a little bit of time to become accustomed to not reaching for the usual comfort blanket. If you have yet to give up smoking – what can you do?


If you’re looking to lower your dose of nicotine until it’s completely non-existent, then vaping has shown promising results. This method allows you to gradually withdraw without having to stick to the cancerous process of smoking. It’s also useful for those who can’t bear the thought of not having a cigarette in their hand. While some vape cartridges are quite chunky in size, you will find cigarette replicas that help you to wean yourself off the idea of holding one.

VR technology

You know the craving you get when you see someone pop out for a cigarette, or when you see a packet of tobacco? This is a cognitive response that will almost always set off a craving for smoking addicts. If you are trying to withdraw and are in the process of preventing tobacco addiction, VR technology could be hugely useful to you. Addictions therapy comes in many forms these days, and simulating your triggers is a new way of fixing your cognitive responsive. Visit C2Care if you are looking for therapists or technological solutions for Tobacco addictions.


This piece of advice is perhaps the most important – get support. Did you know that most people who go cold turkey without any support at all are actually far more likely to fail? If an airplane had such a high failure rate, you probably wouldn’t be inclined to get on board. Support can come in many forms; whether it’s a doctor’s advice, a nicotine replacement, encouragement of friends, or alternative therapies. What constitutes as ‘support’ can vary from person to person.

Support can also be hugely helpful for fundamental lifestyle changes. It’s recommended that you become more active to boost your overall health, which can also feel like a huge change if you’re not used to it. Getting out of the house can provide a pleasant distraction to cravings – rather than sitting at home wishing you could grab a cigarette. Just like the support you get for quitting, you should also get support for your lifestyle change. Go to an exercise class with friends, spend your weekends exploring or find a jogging partner. Not feeling alone is a hugely powerful tool.

Don’t put yourself down for finding the prospect of quitting smoking hard. Changing a habit can also come with a change of lifestyle, which can also come with its own struggles. However, by maximizing modern technologies and your support network, you can help build a path to success. Talking to friends and family and asking them for their encouragement could encourage you to keep going on a tough day.

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