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How to Provide Better Support for Nurses

Working within the healthcare sector can be challenging in any role, but especially so for those who are working on the frontline of the industry. Doctors, nurses, and therapists who work one-on-one with patients can find themselvesregularly facing many stressful and overwhelming circumstances. Nurses, in particular, are placed under a lot of pressure, as they are responsible for their work as well as supporting other healthcare workers. It is because of these many duties that nurses often find themselves struggling, and, in some cases, it can take a toll on their mental and physical health. So, how can the industry provide better support for nurses?

Mental Health

Over the years, mental health has been given a lot more attention, and the stigmas around this topic are gradually being torn down. There are many ways in which your mental health can suffer, particularly when you are faced with a lot of stress and pressures in your life. Exhaustion due to being overworked or feeling anxious about a situation is part of the problem and can lead to further issues. This type of burnout feeling is common, especially in the medical profession. So, how can we stop nursing burnout? One way to do this is by making sure nurses have access to counseling and other mental health services so that they can talk to a professional to help them overcome any overwhelming feelings or situations they may be facing. This type of support is invaluable to anyone who is struggling to cope with their circumstances from an emotional and mental wellbeing perspective.

Relieve the Pressure

It is to be expected that working in a hospital or busy healthcare centerwill mean having to work under certain pressures. However, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed, and, often, many nurses feel as though they are pressured to take on more work or take on extra hours. Even in the current climate, nurses all of the world are being pressured to work in extreme conditions without the proper PPE to face the deadly COVID-19 virus. This kind of working environment is not supportive, and healthcare management should be considering how it can improve these conditions for nurses. Having honest and open communication with the nursing staff and addressing their concerns is essential.

Further Training

It is also worth considering whether or not some nurses require further training for their role. By offering this to individuals, it could help to improve their performance and increase their confidence in their abilities. Many people might want to receive further training but are not comfortable asking for it or feel as though this will reflect badly on them. Personal development should be encouraged for those who wish to access these types of educational programs or on-the-job training.

Nurses are essential workers in the healthcare sector; often, they are the ones who have to face the most challenging situations. This is why nurses must get the right support from their employers and the wider healthcare industry in general.

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