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How to Go Viral with Instagram Reels?

Instagram was initially a platform to share photos and stories, but as it has added a new feature similar to another network of reels, its users are suddenly increasing. The new reel feature of Facebook with its changed Instagram algorithm influences people to make more reels. You can make hundreds of reels and increase the reach of your audience. If you are a creator or business holder, these 30-second effective reels can boost your audience list.

Do you know how it can go viral with these reels? What is Instagram’s algorithm that can keep you ahead in exploring pages? Well, this is an important point, which you must understand before moving ahead with reels. So, let’s ponder upon these questions as to how you can go viral with your reels. But first, let’s understand what Instagram Reels are and why you must use them.

What are Instagram Reels?

Reels are short videos, approximately ranging between 15-30 seconds. It’s a way of entertainment as well as educational, promotional content.

So, we hope you have got an idea about what Instagram is. Now, let’s see why you should use it and why there is a need to get more audience.

Why should you use Instagram Reels?

If you have an account without any business intent, you can use reels for entertainment purposes. But on the other hand, if you have your business and want to promote it to its zenith, then reels could be a better way of promotion. With an effective video of 30 seconds, you can drastically increase your audience. These reels would not cost you much as other advertisement agencies would, so it would be beneficial for you. As you know, the power of social media in today’s scenario, you will benefit from it if your video gets viral. Upon that, Instagram has also changed its algorithm, which will help you to increase your reach.

As you have an idea about why you should use reels and what you can gain from these short videos, let’s understand how a novice can also use some simple tricks to go viral on Instagram.

How to go viral on Instagram with its reels?

  • Pick your topic or niche: Your expertise or interest niche will always give you excellent benefits. On Instagram, too, you can use the same; you must pick one topic and continuously make videos on the same topic. Instagram’s algorithm will show your videos to the interested audience who wants to watch similar topic videos. You can do so by first examining the reels viral on Instagram, like which topic is more likely to be admired by people. It can be any genre like humorous videos, dance, songs, DIY, or anything else. So, choose it wisely to be viral on Instagram.
  • Right size videos with proper resolution: You must know that the resolution of your videos must be compatible with Instagram. The real size is 1080 x 1920 pixels; this is considered the optimal size of the video. You must target this size to provide maximum resolution to your viewers. The aspect ratio can be 9:16 for the video, a vertical video. But, if you have used texts in your video, the size must not go beyond 4:5 as the feed shows only 4:5 size, and if the text is enlarged, the audience will not be able to see it. So, adjust the size of the video as well as your text in the video.
  • Use reels in your feed: Many people are using Instagram Reels for business to spread awareness and reach of their brand. If you also want to reach a larger audience, do upload your reel on your Instagram feed. Size adjustments will allow it to reach a more significant number of people. The Instagram algorithm will also promote your video on the Explore page if you get more likes, shares and comments on the feed. So, do not forget to upload it on your feed.
  • Hook your Video: Hooking the video refers to the special part of the video where you have used anything important or shocking is promoted. Thus, it will increase the interest of your audience to view your video. There are hundreds of videos that people consider throughout the day, so to stand apart in the crowd, the creator must use this hook feature wisely so that people do not scroll ahead without watching and liking your video.
  • Add texts in the video: If you have uploaded a video on your feed, it only shows the video without sound, so add texts in the middle to convey what your video depicts. In addition, texting will make the audience watch your video even more through varied grounds. So, texts will make your work easier on Instagram for going viral.
  • Tag your video with Hashtags: You can use hashtags to go viral on Instagram. The wise selection of tags relevant to your videos will promote the video on the Explore page and make it more visible to people who like similar topics. Of course, the hashtags must be smaller to get more visibility.
  • Cover your video: As a thumbnail in a YouTube video is important, the same is true with reels. A cover with an image and text about what your video consists of will make it more professional and promote it to a greater extent.
  • Allow Interactions: Instagram is a social media platform, which means there must be an interaction procedure with people. You must allow your audience to comment on your videos and interact with them to make it more convenient for them to use your account videos.
  • Publish it at peak hours: Timely preparation is important in all sectors; the same is true with Instagram. Not every time is a good time to publish. You must understand which time would suit your niche and at what time people would be more on social media pages to explore. So, this wise decision can also make your reels viral.
  • Promote the video: Everything in this world requires promotion, similar is in the case with reels. Once it is uploaded, you must promote it and see the magic of numbers.

With the increasing competition on Instagram with its reels, it is important to know these points and use them efficiently. So, you can use these basic tips to make your video go viral on Instagram.

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