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How to build your own mansion in Minecraft?


Minecraft is not just about crossing levels and completing tasks. It also offers you various ways to make the game your own. You can create the environment as per your choice. You can decide which house to pick. Moreover, one of these features offered by Minecraft is building your own mansion. If you are a beginner, you must have seen beautiful apartments, mansions, houses and much more. However, if you want one, you can make it for yourself. How? Keep reading!

What do you need to build a mansion?

As mentioned above, Minecraft allows the players to build their own mansion which can be customized as per their requirements. So to begin with, here’s what you require to build a Minecraft Mansion:

  • 778 Quartz Blocks
  • 448 Quartz Slabs
  • 355 Oak Planks
  • 292 Gray Concretes
  • 151 Black Stained Glass Panes
  • 99 Stone Blocks
  • 82 Leaves
  • 52 Oak Slabs
  • 16 Flower Pots
  • 12 Quartz Stairs

Moreover, the items that are put in building a mansion depends upon the kind of mansion you build.

How to build a Minecraft Mansion?

  • To build a mansion of your choice in Minecraft, you have to follow the following steps:
  • Start by laying out the walls by placing down 4×7 long L shaped of Gray concrete.
  • Next, place four concrete boxes diagonally to the left, off the end of the long side and create a mirrored section to the left side as well.
  • Now, you can start building the walls on top of these by placing 10 additional blocks vertically.
  • In the next step, firstly you start with flooring between the two walls with Quartz Blocks. Then, you have to lay oak planks to and build the next floor.
  • Again, create a layer of Quartz Blocks to place another floor and put oak planks to fill gaps from the last concrete wall from left. Do other three columns in the same manner.
  • In the next step, you may add black stained glass panes to each pair of columns.
  • Now widen the walls, fill the gaps and connect them across the roof.
  • Secondly, to build a balcony, use the Quartz Blocks and glass panes for railing. Later, create doors for the house.
  • Thirdly, the roof! To build a roof, you can put quartz slabs on the top. Again use the same blocks to build the staircase. Put them on each side starting from the left before going diagonally towards the back.
  • Put oak slabs between, moving up from the ground level.
Source: Amino Apps

Point to be noted
In the second last point, each of these needs to increase with one block as you move back. Once you’re at the back, go three blocks towards your left and mirror the same look.

In addition, you can use the same method to build a staircase on the other side of the mansion. Also, if you want to decorate, you can use Red tulips for the purpose.

And that is how it’s done. Now you have your own mansion. Enjoy gaming!

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