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How to build your own end portal in Minecraft like a pro player?

Minecraft is one of the greatest video games of all time and has sold over 200 million copies with 126 million monthly active players.

What do you mean by the end portal?

Generally, an end portal is an occurring generated structure that is used to transmit the player into the End. It opens up a screen and leads the player to the end biome.  

It can only be found in the portal room of a stronghold or can be created by the player in Minecraft. To build an end portal, it requires two steps to complete the process. On the other hand, the end portal can be built in two different game modes(survival and creative mode). In survival mode, players must acquire resources to build the world and sustain health, whilst in a creative mode, players have access to unlimited resources. 

How to build an end portal in survival and creative mode?

Usually, Minecraft consists of two game modes, one is Survival and the other one is Creative mode. In survival mode, the player needs to find a stronghold to activate an End portal. Meanwhile, in creative mode, the player can create their end portal to transport to the end biome. 

How to build an end portal in Minecraft?

To build a perfect ender portal in Minecraft, a player must need twelve eyes of ender and twelve end portal frames.

While building their end portal, one should stand in the center such that forming a circle with the materials around him/her. 

Initially, the player should have 12 end portal frames and arrange them in a manner where it forms a square. Each side of the square should consist of three end portal frames. 

Furthermore, make sure that the tabs in green on the ceiling of the end portal frames are facing the inside portion of the portal, to exit. 

The second step is carried out by affixing the twelve eyes of the ender into each end portal frame. Before placing the last eye into the frame, make sure you are out of the square, as the portal gets activated to transport the player to the end Biome. 


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