How To Apply for Calabria, Italy “ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT

How To Apply for Calabria, Italy “ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT “, $33K to Move in? Are You Eligible?

Do you have any idea about Calabria, Italy? What if someone tells you that you may relocate to Italy and start a new business without spending much money on your own or getting paid for it?

If you have been dreaming of moving to Italy and starting a new life there, the government has launched a scheme that may be perfect for you. They are now offering to pay people to move into Calabria and start their own business.

The Government is offering $33,000 to every individual or family who is planning to start their own business or settle down in the Region Of Calabria. This is one of the ten strategies owned by the Calabrian Government to increase the economic value of the region.

Is This News True? 

How To Apply for Calabria, Italy “ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT

The government of Italy’s plan, as described by the news media, does not sound genuine at all, but we’d like to inform you that it is, in fact, real. The objective of this scheme is twofold: to address the issues of depopulation and the world economy.

The non-working region of Italy, known as Calabria, has a problem with a low population. So, this initiative will serve to alleviate both of these issues: people leaving the state will add to the population, and tourism will help businesses that begin there.

What’s the Purpose of This Calabrian Region of Italy Initiative?

Around 320 villages and towns in Calabria have a resident count of 5,000 or less—75% of the total number. This is causing alarm that some areas may eventually see their populations vanish entirely.

The authorities hope that by spreading the news about this plan, more and more people will join and reside at these locations, helping to build up the economic system by establishing new businesses.

Who Can Apply For The Active Residence Income?

How To Apply for Calabria, Italy “ACTIVE RESIDENCY PROJECT

The project “Active Residence Income” is not for everyone. There have been some eligibility criteria that have to be kept in mind before settling in the Region Of Calabia.

One can only apply if they meet the conditions mentioned below:

  1. Should be more than 18 years but less than 40 years.
  2. Should choose such a region of Calabria whose population is less than 2000. Joining this area will benefit the projects of that particular area.
  3. Should be a citizen of Italy.
  4. Should belong to a region whose population is more than 2000.
  5. Can be an EU citizen
  6. Should have an Italian regular permit or a residence card.

Even if the project “Active Residency Income” has become very famous all over the world, the project has not initially been activated yet. But the project will be activated within the next two or four weeks. But the main issue is before relocating the individual should have a proper visa or permanent permit to stay there. If in any case the individual is not granted any visa or permit, they can anytime contact them by sending them a legal written letter.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Calabria Italy Offer

What does Calabria Italy have to offer?

The authorities have developed a strategy to increase the population in Calabria’s villages and towns by $33,000 for people under 40 years of age who choose to live there. People who want to start a new business or take over an existing one need Proof.

Is there a formal name for this program?

Yes, it’s called an active residency income plan.

What is the maximum age limit for applicants?

The age limit is capped at 40 years.

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