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How tall is Frozen 2 Olaf’s height in reality?

Frozen 2

After the release of the fan-favourite movie, Frozen 2, fans were stunned to see that Olaf’s height was listed as 5’4″ on the Frozen Wiki. That would mean Elsa towers over him at eleven feet or maybe more. Olaf is the snowman in the movie and acts as the sidekick of Elsa and Anna. Olaf is voiced by Josh Gad in both the Frozen movies. Olaf’s height is actually 3’5″ or close to it. Olaf has his own spinoff movies.

He is the most loved character in these movies. Frozen had a spin-off named ‘Olaf’s Frozen Adventure’ and the newly created-announced ‘Once Upon A Snowman’. Olaf shortly gained popularity due to his irreverent, quirky comedy and his delightful songs.

While Olaf’s character might be larger than life, the snowman certainly isn’t 5’4″ in height. This is a ridiculous assumption because that would make the other members of the movie into huge giants. Olaf is brought to life in the original Frozen movie by Elsa. He was later found out by Anna, who is Elsa’s younger sister, and Kristoff in the woods.

Olaf played a major role in Frozen 2. During the movie, Olaf makes an offhand comment stating how water has memories, and this proves to be a key element of the plot. Olaf had become so popular that Disney had to give his own short premiering ahead of Coco, Olaf’s Frozen Adventures.

What is Olaf’s real height?

When Frozen Wiki had revealed that the height of Olaf is similar to the height of an average human being, the fans reaction were wild enough that Jennifer Lee and who is the director and co-writer of Frozen had taken to Twitter to clear the misunderstanding.

Jennifer had explained there may be a typo on the Frozen Wiki concerning Olaf’s height. She had said that if it was written 3’4″ feet in height, then she would believe it, but there was no way that he could be 5’4″ in height. Jennifer also established in the same tweet that Elsa’s height is 5’7″ and Anna’s height is 5’5″.

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