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How is Shaun Weiss doing now? Drugs, Rehabilitation, Arrest and Health!

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The former American actor Shaun Weiss, famously known for “Mighty Ducks” has been dealing with many crises in his life. Certainly, Shaun Weiss has struggled with drugs and subsequent legal problems. His life went downhill when he surrounded himself with drugs. All this brought a series of problems in his life physically, mentally, and financially.

Moreover, it all led him to the world of crimes. But the good news is, Shaun Weiss is now recovering well. In fact, his physical appearance is evident. So today, let’s take a look at what went down with Shaun Weiss. We’ll also discuss how Shaun is trying to make his life better!

Who is Shaun Weiss?

Born on 27 August 1978, Shaun Weiss is an American, former television and film actor. You may have seen Shaun as Elvis in “Pee-wee’s Playhouse”. However, his first breakthrough was Greg Goldberg in “The Mighty Ducks”. Shaun has also appeared in the Disney film Heavyweights and NBC drama “Freaks and Geeks”.

Source: Breitbart

Shaun was born and brought up in Montvale, New Jersey. In the past few years, Shaun’s name has remained in the news for drugs, theft and was arrested for the same.

What went down with Shaun Weiss?

Earlier, Shaun was known for his famous roles like Greg Goldberg. However, in the last few years, Shaun became a criminal. Consequently, Shaun was sentenced to 150 days in LA County Jail for theft in July 2017. Then again on 2 August 2017, Shaun was arrested for possession of Methamphetamine in California. A year later, Weiss was arrested for public intoxication in Oroville. This year, Shaun was suspected of burglary and using meth. Hence, he was arrested on 26 January, 2020.

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Source: CNN

Being addicted to drugs led him to burglary and other crimes. Moreover, it took a mental, physical and financial toll on him. As a result of drugs Shaun became physically thin and weak and went out of money, so much so, that his net worth today stands at $500.

Shaun Weiss is recovering!

After all these years of struggle and pain, Shaun Weiss is finally trying to stand on his feet again. After his arrest in 2020, Shaun went to a rehab center and celebrated 270 days of sobriety in September. Shaun’s friend Gallagher said, “There’s not a blameless Shaun Weiss here, he is definitely to blame for a lot of stupid she does. But if you were to spend any time with him you would have a drastically more compassionate understanding of what he was about.” Gallagher also mentioned that he believes Weiss needs “medical” and “psychiatric attention.” He said, “He’s sick, he’s mentally ill. He’s just sick and everybody gives up on him.”

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Source: ABC27

Ever since his recovery, Shaun can be seen as more physically fit. His cheeks have also filled out. Moreover, in September 2020, Shaun Weiss got his dental treatment done. He had his old damaged teeth removed and got a new set of teeth. Shaun’s dentist Dr. Gabe said, “His face is filling out and he’s smiling like loopy now.” Nonetheless, we soon might get to see Shaun back in the acting field.

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