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How I Met Your Mother Season 10: All Details Revealed!

The 10th season is expected to air and will focus on Lily and Marshall.

There is a very big possibility that there might actually be a 10th season of the immensely popular show, How I Met Your Mother to be airing on the small screens very soon. As can be recalled, the last season of How I Met Your Mother aired back in 2014. There were a total of nine episodes towards the end and that’s exactly when it came to its ultimate conclusion. According to recent reports, the upcoming season is actually expected to highlight the series of events surrounding Lily and Marshal’s lives. As all the How I Met Your Mother Fans may already be knowing, Alyson Hannigan plays the role of Lily and Jason Segel plays the role of Marshall.

According to a recent report published by iTechPost, there are talking about the 10th season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ that is flooding the internet as of now. It has been nearly six years since the last season was created and there are talks surrounding the next instalment of the show. However, we are not sure as to how true these speculations are actually. It is impossible to generate any interest out of trying to show the audience what events led in the lives of Ted Mosby, played by our very own Josh Radnor. Since a lot of it has already been explored in the previous seasons, we don’t think the producers would want to follow the story up with this once again.

At the same time, there is a high possibility that Lily and Marshall’s love-story will be explored in detail in the upcoming season, as per the latest clue dropped by the actor who plays Lily, Alyson Hannigan. In one of the reports, it has been suggested that there might be a How I Met Your Mother spin-off in which Lily’s love story with Marshall will be explored.

According to another report published by Movie News Guide, Hannigan and Segel further ended up joking about getting together on another one of the shows. This show might be titled, ‘Out By Lunch.’ They further ended up stating that it is no longer limited to the stories about Marshall and Lily alone. But there is a different kind of attachment stringing along with the tale. The actor further ended up joking about how she loves to work with Segel on sitcoms that are most appropriate for them. There is still a possibility that we might reach the next season soon but we are not sure of what the plot line will be for the upcoming seasons.

As mentioned previously, another season of How I Met Your Mother is very much in the works. At the same time, Hannigan has already ended up featuring in one of the episodes that suggests ‘The McCarthy’s. She has also further voiced another one of the projects, titled Winter wherein the 19th episode is also expected to air soon. Other than this, we are also aware that Segel is expected to make her return to the small screen after Sex Tape. That was another one of the big projects that the actor had worked on for the Hollywood but since then has not returned to the small screen as yet. He is very comfortable on screen and has shared with major big names in the past, including Jennifer Aniston.

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