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How does the species mature with an Unova stone? 

Unova stone is a rare stone that emerges from the Unova region that helps to evolve a specific category of Pokemon. This stone can be collected from research breakthrough prizes. In the Unova region, recently 7 Poke Pokemon made their debut. Unova stone looks like a black and white evolutionary. Charles the creator established the new evolutionary item on 22nd August 2019, for which the players are waiting. 

How can we get an Unova stone?

To get an Unova stone, the player needs to complete seven days of your day-to-day examination. The assignments the players get are from the spinning Pokestops. The player has to complete one each day until they have restored all the stamps, then they can claim their reward and there’s a chance you might get an Unova stone. Also, there is an opportunity that the player will be able to get Unova stone from PvP battles later down the chain but it’s not possible in the 2020 version. 

Species that evolve with an Unova stone

  • Pansage evolves into Simisage with an Unova stone and requires 100 candies.
  • For pan-sear to evolve into seanear, the players need an Unova stone and 100 candy to evolve the Eevees you want.
  • For Minccino to evolve into Cinccino, you need to have an Unova stone and 100 candy
  • For Lampent into Chandelure evolution, the players need to have an Unova stone and 100 candy to get the special evolution.
  • Munna to evolve into Musharna, the players need Unova stone and 50 candy
  • For Eelektrik to evolve into Eelektross, you need 100 candy and an Unova stone.

Steps to evolve into multiple species 

  • For Eelektross: the pure electric type with little to no use in the modern metagame. ( the player first has to get Tynamo and 25 candy to turn into Eelektrik, then with the help of Eelektrik, 100 candy and Unova stone To evolve into Eelektross) 
  • For Chandelure: the most important Pokemon that can be evolved with an Unova stone, and also one of the best ghost types available in Pokemon Go, closely behind origin form Giratina. Get Litwick with 25 candy to evolve Lampent and next to get your favourite species; get Lampent with 100 candy and an Unova stone to evolve Chandelure.


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