How Does Harry Come Back To Life

How Does Harry Come Back To Life? Everything We Know

How Does Harry Come Back To Life? This is one of the most asked and discussed questions in Potterhead Community, Well scroll down and read the full article to know everything about it deeply.

Harry Potter is one of the greatest franchises which includes every possible emotion in their plot. Harry Potter has always held a very special place in our hearts. But in the last scene, we saw Harry giving his last breath.

All of us thought the series Harry Potter ended with his death. But a very big revelation that Harry Potter did not die. Read the full article to know the full story of Harry Potter.


Surprisingly Harry Potter did not die. The real truth behind his death scene is “Harry Potter never died”. He was always protected and secured by his mother’s blessing. Previously he drank his mother’s protection by mixing it with Voldemort’s blood. Harry’s mother’s protection actually gave him the power to return to his physical body from heaven.

How Does Harry Come Back To Life
How Does Harry Come Back To Life

Harry actually went into the Dark Forest to meet Voldemort where he astonishingly surrendered himself and died. But later it was revealed that Harry actually did not die. Harry mainly got saved from Voldemort’s attacks because Harry was using the Elder Wand to defend himself. Harry knows from the beginning that Voldemort was never capable of attacking the Elder Wand.


The resurrection portion which Harry had eventually taken in before the war saved him from dying. Even during the war when Voldemort attacked Harry Potter, he was given a choice between death and life. He was given two options where one option was to die and go to heaven and the second option was to return to his physical body and live with the other humans. Harry eventually chooses to stay in his physical body and live in Hogwarts with his other friends. Technically Harry never died. Just the main fact is Voldemort died and Harry got the chance to choose his future because of his mother’s protection.

This reason was also mentioned in the books of J. K. Rowling.

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